Happy Independence Day.


“My tricolor is me, myself, and I
“My tricolor was, is & will be flying high and higher”.
“My tricolor is my strength, spirit, and soul.”

I am an Indian
I am from India
My mind, heart, and soul are Indian
My love, happiness, and prosperity are my India.

I am an Indian and
I don’t come from any state or city
I come from India,
my religion, caste, or creed is no one than just one

My culture, traditional and ritual is my India
My identity, my character, and my role is an Indian

My inspiration, motivation, the expression is my
My thinking, My Writing, and My Speaking is an

My pride, proud, and power are my India
My caring, loving and respecting is an Indian
My shadow, reflection, and vision are my India
Myself an Indian
who is an India
My heart beats for my India
my blood is Indian and I give my life to my
country India.
What I have written above is my Independence
from my independent country “India to Indian”
Happy Independence Day India to all the Indians.