Why Breeze Wind Reminds me of you?.


Happy New Year 2018

“Happy New year”….
My Happy New year wish for everyone
Is “Dream, Create And Happiness”.
Dream Big
Create Your Dream and execute to make it
And see then the happiness from your
Happy New year To The World,
in that world to me
in me to my life
In my life to my family, my
friends and my close ones
wishing everyone a prosperous new year,
wishing you better mentally and
physical health this new year,
And lastly, but not least
May this year bring great opportunity
as well you get what you want for
Stay Happy, Stay Positive And Stay You
Work hard, Dream big
Don’t forget to Love, live and laugh.

Merry Christmas.

Dear Everyone,

Do you hear the sound of jingle bells?
he is arriving soon just wait & watch
Santa Chirayu
he has a message for you,
May this festival season sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round and may your life bright with different colors that shine twinkling. it is a time for sharing a love and being together. It is a time, wishing you and your family all the very best wishes for all the good memories which will remain in with you for life and a beautiful greeting of peace and prosperity, I’m wishing the very best for you during this season. May you all enjoy & spread happiness with your special ones.
Enjoy, it is the time to do.
Stay happy, take care of yourself.
Thank you
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

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A small gift for you.

26/11 Mumbai Attack.

“26/11 Mumbai attack, ”
This day of that year 2008
will never go off, from my mind & heart,
That day is still a remembrance of lost loved ones,
an affection of affecting them is losing the hope will he or she be fine, a care will never determine, how desperately a family is waiting to meet their own heart, including them who have lost their lives by sheltering a mother country, urges all the care of love behind the life, the same caution follows an impact of any tragedy is very harsh sometimes it is very tough to heal, because tragedy is not only the explanation of the word it’s also an auto Creator machine to harm & give pain by their action of Terrorism
No love, no peace if the pain is hard to conceive, more than to think it’s adjourned colonial path to create a line at the apex of demons, better to punish for their action & restrict before they plannings to harm the innocence life.
Today marks the 9th anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai Attack.
“Word is less, Thoughts are mute
The Mind is clueless to remember that tragedy, which scars day & night,
where eyes got moist, ears to hear those yelling noises, a face is still the remembrance of a dear one, who has been the most powerful fighters, standing has a tough shield to protect the Innocence life, I might have thought upon to them,
that tragedy is never ever to forget & never to forgive
My salute to the lost ones who have been the real heroes, survived till the last breath to save the innocence life, so
Salute & respect to all the Martyrs who been the real fighters.
And I pledge for my country,
To stand against such a situation & fight to erase out the name of the Terrorism.
Jai hind, proud to be an Indian.
“Lost Martyrs are alive in everyone’s heart,
they pay off their duty,
now it’s our turn to stand together, to make a life with full of freedom, peace, and love,
No war, No persecution, and no terrorism.
. -Chirayu!.

Happy Thanksgiving Day.

“To You”

(My Thanksgiving Greeting Card)

Happy Thanksgiving To All My Beautiful Friends,

This is for you made by me and only for you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Stay Happy and smiling

I am Always there for you just call me I will be there and God is always there to look at you so don’t worry about anything just work hard and your Thanksgiving gift will be your passion towards work

Dream big to write a great script of life,

Be you and be happy..

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