“Good Friday”

  “Good Friday”

This day reminds me

An innocent life 

Who Sacrificed himself for others for

me, not for wrong doing only for

good sake for us,

Every drop of blood reminds me 

His sacrifice for my sin,

Even the pain from the crown of

thorns and all those beating, 

wounds and cuts healed 

by him to last, the crucifies

reminds me to say to everyone is

“He Died for us, He Sacrificed for us,

He has taken our sins, even he is

watching us and being with us so

why can’t we live for him to thank

him for a life he gave us

without any of Salvation, 

he forgives us, So why can’t 

we forgive,

Everyone who is our enemy or rival

in any character of life, why can’t we

see that life is too short to live and 

He lived for us, so it’s our turn

through to live for him.
This day teaches me the big lesson of life.
“Who I found wasn’t me,but 

who I saw today is real me”

“Be saviour for others not annihilator..
Thank you


 (I’m not a Christian,

 but I’m a life)

“My Sight”


“If I was born as a painter
than I could find the story painted behind this board,
Because inspiration is everywhere that you make it has,
my eyes have two different sight one is positive and another is negative
I can see the inspiration sight of this art is a man born as a human,
but became inspiration for the life. Mr. Painter and the untold story,
he would be hardworking, love praising and keen to achieve the success, because every story has a new script to play.
Coming to negative sight, then this man is a criminal of my life
who have demolished the whole empire,
which was built so hardly and hardworkingly, to catalyst inbuilt era..
so painting is not just a color or making, it’s a thought which is expressed through the hand of the magician who are
known as a painter in this world. memorable is that time
when you craft your own life
through the colors and reality of perfectionist in it.
Every story has a voice to relate to your life stay positive and
inspiring like this painting.


Age & Cage.


“Age & Cage”.
Age is a wiser growth passes every second by beat of time,

The cage is a mere of a cave which slights down in a glacier gimp into a frightened Grumpy.

Age & Cage both are the simultaneously ways and the important words plays in a daily life,

Age is trusted word to know of the importance of time, whereas cage is the place you urge by your own aspect’s.
One day is the next step of age, whereas,
Cage changes your ways and path where you experience every stage of life in a periodic slot like
The difference between the two words bittersweet, which is bitter hard for sweetest taste,
Only the differ is a “contact ” between the word and optimal attested to the whole word, contact has to sign one is conclude and other concern,
If we promise to conclude every day for tasking life, then the matter of cage is quite handled,
Concern for the whole life,
Paddling day to Runaway all tangent’s Connection of sinner
When Age depart your time you reflects on your revenues, which is not traded for some time, the life you have seen by a dream to reach is the age you blink, but the way you think isn’t a part you are waiting to face while traveling or going to be facing an error towards your running age.. So Age and cage both are very precise words which plays a important compere role in a daily life.


​Hello Friends & Happy Ganesha Chaturti to all my friends,Writers, Family.. 

May Lord Ganesha Always keeps blessing, Peace, happiness, joy, prosperity in Every one’s life.. 

and trend to live away a Positive note of thoughts to throw away bad aspects ruined in past life

Be helpful person.. be happy & spread Happiness among others.:).

Today I am writing this note for expressing my Feeling for one my favourite Indian festival, I know it is strange but this is what my excitement is all called about, what you like the most express do it by Writing or by enjoying it as I am doing now by writing this Note for my Bappa to the next few days I will be a greatest, happiest person at My favorite festival which is at present in my Home

Now I am feeling more excited for Craziness waiting at my home ha-ha.

The long Wait is coming to an end Let’s Charge Up our Spirit of Togetherness, Spirit of Love… 

Welcome Ganapati Bappa Morya… 

Ganesh Chaturthi, one the great Indian Festival & Ganesha Chaturthi is one of the major festivals celebrated in India with great enthusiasm and devotion. The festival marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha; the Lord of knowledge, wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. The festival is also known as Vinayak  Chaturthi  or Vinayak Chavithi. Lord Ganesha Yipee, I am So excited for welcoming and for celebration and rituals..

I am inviting everyone to be part of Indian festivals and culture, everyone is most welcome to India.. India is a Country of Carnival with different Tradition, different culture, with beauty of joy, beauty of passion, beauty of love, beauty of everything that you will experience here in India, come once and get yours new experience of life… 

This pic is the first look of my Lord Ganesha came today at home with a devotion bag of happiness and faith positivity in life

 Thank-you.. :)… 

                                                                                                               – Chirayu:)