Photo Writing

“The silhouette of boy 

sitting alone on the bench, 

Thinking why being lonely, 

feeling sad, believing no is there for him,

“He doesn’t know” 

that someone is there who is looking to

him and will be taking care until 

someone take him to their life.


Adopt Children, To give them a new happy 

wonderful life”.

“My Sight”


“If I was born as a painter
than I could find the story painted behind this board,
Because inspiration is everywhere that you make it has,
my eyes have two different sight one is positive and another is negative
I can see the inspiration sight of this art is a man born as a human,
but became inspiration for the life. Mr. Painter and the untold story,
he would be hardworking, love praising and keen to achieve the success, because every story has a new script to play.
Coming to negative sight, then this man is a criminal of my life
who have demolished the whole empire,
which was built so hardly and hardworkingly, to catalyst inbuilt era..
so painting is not just a color or making, it’s a thought which is expressed through the hand of the magician who are
known as a painter in this world. memorable is that time
when you craft your own life
through the colors and reality of perfectionist in it.
Every story has a voice to relate to your life stay positive and
inspiring like this painting.


Past Memories

IMG_20160916_204219.jpgPic 1. (past memories)

“caption ”
“Sadness wracked on her face
When a voice whisper on her ear’s
the memories revealed again to the time when there was no one behind, The passage Is based on her somber life, When she was born, how her family left her alone in the cage house of the orphanage, She deliberates her past without the love of family and surviving with the question why you have left me alone to fight against the world?.
The answer framed in a parchment voice lived by her own experience where she finds about the word “woman” is questioning word for the world,

Parchment lines:
Baby girl born & burned Girl Walk & Suck
Woman flies & wing’s cut.
Isn’t a reason why I’m been waiting to suffer with such a awful to the woeful activities happens in my life, Does a girl is born for the purpose of use and throw slogan, what a universe is made for us who are living in the place of heaven.

“Proceed with Caution”.
One day afternoon while coming from a friend’s house, I Met three crook boy’s who were drunk, commanded on my clothes and on my body, it was on a Crowdy path and near the street there was a cop checkpoint sitting in the chair eating and gossiping, many peoples were traveling in the street and I was standing after being commanded by the three boys my mind thought to leave away the place or to sit at home like a fearful girl like mainly every other girl’s go through with it and my second opinion heat in mind was to give them a slap, but after giving them slap, they won’t be able to understand how I feel or a girl feel when they been abuse or treat like a puppet, will they respect me or any other women, there action can be more harsh to me they can harm me like everyday, every min, every second there is a woman who is going through with such a situations harassment or molesting, some stay at that place to give away an action as a fighting spirit or some give up everything like a trapped victim so my mind was staying at that place, then suddenly I got to come to their point, they assumption to me, I called them near to me and I asked what is your problem? Haven’t you seen someone like me who wear a short shirt and a short skirt does you find something interesting in that? Do you think we women’s are a remote control button so anyone can press it or operate at any time? Do you want to see my body right?.
Do a thing I am sitting in between to this street you can remove all my clothes and do what you like to do, all I am yours? then after you are being enjoyed everything  with me then pass away to someone else who are born as a human, but then act like you (an Evil Mind), you know for me you are a Criminal how just look at your mind and say some something about yourself, you don’t have the answers right?.
You know some criminals are guilty and some are free flying because the power of politics to the colour of money is standing with them and they shows a life of women as a standing toy of the sleeping pillow, You three are drunken and you look like you have done something wrong before, so do you want to hide your mistake or you want to repeat it again? To admit your mistake in front of the people’s on the social media right? or to get arrested for your crime in front of the cop I’m looking into your mind now you’re standing being very guilt at present so don’t you think its right time to admit all the mistake you did in life, because your intention can change at any time, so what you do you want from me now?.
Then after few minutes later they fell on my leg’s and apologize for their mistake, actually the scene is still incomplete because the crowd of the street have surrounded them, how let’s go back to place where such an incident was occurred the place in market. where the different life’s are moving away and every life has a story behind so incident to live media to people’s who are watching and in the crowed people’s there is a team of Report’s with the power of youngster help me when I start recording the live mode on a television broadcasting it’s been Live on every channel, and they there are criminal who raped many people’s by their mind.
“I have faced everything in life
Because I’m a woman, every raped is done in a day or night is an anguish spirit in mind as a sadness, humor stops the life of brilliance for the woman’s, a rope is made to use nor to make a knot on it and use it to attempt suicide..
But nor a respect and love from the people’s who are born as human in the world, I have seen many people’s who will motivate you a lot, but at the end there intention plays a game in mind and use it on a woman…
“Thinking is bug of acting”
For example take an apple..

“An apple is sweet fruit, but when you eat it, then the action relates the molesting scene on a woman the way of crime.
“He was munching the character of lady in mind,
He took a bite out and chewing the mentality of a perceptual object
He breaks away the whole body By thinking process on where he started hunting and threaded at the beginning and at the end he peeled away everything”

P.S (?)… The Story remains as a Question Mark because the answer is with you in your mind and action is in your hand so never please save the Girl child and fight against the crime.
Please respect Women’s.
Thank you

Mysterious Case!.(A Short Fiction Thriller Story)

Mysterious Case!.
The tail end with the morality quest realistic
Impulse to control the character
Researched in the theory of the book, lay down on the table
The case chases the report by the code name – 30
Faint lady Dementia’s Murdered case
Intriguing at the beginning, but later story opened many pages
Clue of murder was the code number -30
The lady was not good in the mentally position,
Depriving pearl hidden down under the tongue
Plume tainted on a molested BlackMail
Of Women’s thrashes away with depressed mind
Fearful Eyes threatens by two Man’s
Lately Women’s depression taken a path of crime by murdering the two Man’s and lately cut each and every body piece in a plastic pouch and thrown away into the dustbin of neighborhood home.
When the police started the inquiry than a case officer caught the evidence but he couldn’t arrest her because he was Also being killed at night more than 17 people’s being killed in the chase the lady made a game to kill everyone who involved in this class and to hide the truth of murder mystery!..
Lateral lady flushing everything in the past and leaving for the different country but
CBI caught her and charges to hang her for the life..
(P.S 30 was the number she was causing in her marking list she made a list to kill the thirty people’s who lusted and tortured her in the whole life, While so for the revenge she declared a murder war on the 30 people’s but lately she was caught by CBI..


“Give Color”.

“Give Color”.
The Light of Hope
Standing at the door
So long,
So far, away from home,
away from life,
this is me a Darkest angel
with a screaming voice from
Agonizing Body, torturing lip
broken tissues and
wounded worms
hiding down inside the room,
finding a hope of light to
“The Torch of Liberty”
Been today
lived a darkest night
“Exhausted by the profane
keen out the memories of
the darkest place by
surviving upon the time till
the door asked to make
a black day as a
bright light!…

The Life Of Cycle (Rickshaw wala)

The Life Of Cycle  (Rickshaw wala)IMG_20160616_225049.jpg
Ting Ting,
A majestic journey started at morning
I dream a dreamed that which no one dreams
So let me Make it into the real world
With the unstoppable inspiring life
Traveling with the honesty to feed the live’s of home
And to leave behind a painful daily routine to earn as much as the day acquires from the time,
Challenges are a bit to fight with the condition as inflation, rain, sweat, thrist, hunger & critical situations are daily ride,
Straining the whole mind for a curious path by the pedestrian crossing
Risks taken away from the inside until it admired your Passion to rub the hard-working person for earning Money,
Stacking the load of life in the head
By paddling a wheel around to travel, the amount of distance covers of Paddling to transport the heavy lifting weights to the destination mark to earn the first money for the day it thrusts down & weary at the same time
On the daily basis, it’s faces many Turning & damaged road to manage the serenity of safe driving & to complete a safety journey by customers eye’s
Cycle Men (Rickshaw wala) depended to be living a cruel handling, gastric hopeful life to feed their family with a fraternity time off tomorrow
Days and night are made for the working life
No festival’s, no Sunday’s just an aim to nourish the family by two time of food
Which rusted away from many lives some degraded the situation some lies on the same routine
More than a day is less than the time
Cycling every day for tomorrow’s live
Pain is the grain suffer every time
By back born trembling while driving and wakes the harsh furious mind to the fragile path
Some denied in hopelessly some stick alone as hard work is paded off,
The life will carry many sighs to paved away everything and to learn humanity reward for the hard working people’s as the cycle man who buried their  happiness in the dripping water of a sweating face to tackle the day with positive aspects for unveiling life to turn around the framed on the with many of
humanity is a message to be learned from the cycle man
They work by paddling to give the strength on the path where life is pretended once or forgotten for the whole time

I salute the nurture hard-working to the people’s who earn for the family from the right way, the right direction of hard work is to pay off for the life for sure!…
Inspiring people’s, inspiring life!..
This is my country and
my Voice for the Whole life!.

Photo credits : Google

“Smoky Flames of Woman’s life”.

“Smoky Flames of Woman’s life”.
Not More than one not less than one
The chapter of life written everyday, every second
With a new pain of time,
Life struggled at every stage, but I am the women
Who knows how to fight in any situation & battle of worse time
We live with a sanity of sand
And divine the creation of for Whole World
Today Mysterious pages opened at the end of my life
“Smoky flames of Paper
burn down a memory of Fiery tales
Its fall down a star
From his sparkling Bottoms Up!
This is the star of love,
It blind out the falls
And Fiery Sound of Fire
burst out a Dreamy music
of lyrical vessel’s Rhymes
emerged with an eternal flame
Of illumines darkness …..

Flames are Silent in the air, but the dark soil of the secret flames… -Chirayu😊…

“Blind Eyes”.

“Blind eyes”
Again the ethics often rhythms
Piercing off the days of incomplete love
Again the memory drifts paddle back
In Metaphors of life
Searching you in mind
My soul started a tune
For the Love is to be back
to quenching the brightest visual in front of me
Is the whole story of life
From the first rose till the last blood on the accident side
Promised you to live the whole life
By taking your hands in my hand
And to walk somewhere where the love will never die
Soaring with you in a different world
Where you & I create a small world for one another
To care the world love Inside the heart,
Today, My heart is broken down into many pieces
Gathering every piece by playing the note of love in
Piano to rhyme you in my life
The Fragrance of your beauty is still alive
In every drop of rain shatter down
With choas of madness
Missing you everyday in the life too
mesmerized with sadness of the time
You are my one and only one for my life
Binds departed you from me which was a
bite survived everyday is a new note which was left behind
In our love story which made me blind today in waiting for you for the whole life…
The Piano is that magical instrument where footsteps are a traveling Wave with the same split of pain some remain as lovable as the drop of rain for dancing couples!..
Life is writing a new story everyday by thinking you for all the day to remember you for a whole life.