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I am sad as a true fan of cricket
because i know what cricket is to a cricketer’s life
It is everything and even for me cricket is
my first and last love and without cricket I can’t survive, me and cricket are bff, so imagine how important does this sport to an international cricketer,
after hearing
his true words and seeing true tears
I felt emotional and I said to myself
Why he got a ban for a year,
Plz forgive him and let him to play again
He is a jammer and he will be always
He will come strongly too
I know and then too I will be supporting because I support cricket and everything in cricket.

To his true fans:
Look what he did in his career achieved not
what he has done by mistake Because he admitted his mistake
And he got his punishment too
please forgive him
If you haven’t made any mistake in life
then you don’t forgive,
but those who did please forgive him.

Coming to Cricket
You Know what is Cricket
Those who know
look from that angel and those
Who don’t or who do not play cricket
To Them,
What you see is tv telecast
But live a day from cricketer’s mind or Sportsman
They reached there they achieved so how and what struggle they did,
You will know what I am saying,
How tough it is, the hard work behind to a player life and sacrifices to UPS and down everything is part of the sportsman life
My point is don’t judge someone quickly, don’t comment without knowing him or her and Important
Support the talent before saying as giving your own opinion it hurts to be a strength don’t be a weakness
Plz I request to all



A Good People Mistake.


“A Good People Mistake”
When good people make Mistake
then that is not a mistake,
that is a big crime and
when it is a big crime then obviously
everyone treats to that person like a true
criminal and who know that person
will walk off instead of standing with them
in such a hard time but they find walk off
is the best option and the person who
expects a bit support gets nothing and
then his tears speak for him and after
speaking some says he or she is doing for
sympathy, but go and ask the heart, mind,
and soul what it feels to them
And what you made them feel
He or she will regret every time for their
but your duty is to be with them and
forgive them as you give them a chance
so they might never repeat again,
this is what a good people
mistake is all about.


“Sport is enough”.

 “Sport is enough”.

Revealing my positive attitude to the energetic aggression seen always on me because of My first love,
Yes, love.
Story of this weekend,
Interesting, exciting, planned
To meet my past emotions to characteristic plays around me to the future dream, &
My first to last love to be continued for now for the whole life,
More than to say its better to experience.
Crazy to the craziness platform performs
In front to the zeal to zealous glimpse.
The moment I’m talking is a part of my daily life where an another talent is awaiting for me, it is strength to me and
Whenever, where ever
I bet I use to see my first love in front of my sight, if its the world 2011 final in Mumbai or QF at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad is the best auspicious faith to believe and to receive positive to motivation, I get by the god grace at the cricket stadium
I’m not only the fan,
I’m a cricketer
I was under 19 captain of my club and at present Coach for u-14 to U-16 player’s,
In Just a few years of my club cricket, I have achieved a lot as well in my cricket career just two years of club, but more than 16 yrs watching it from a Childhood on television to live TV at the stadium.

I find that cricket is the game based on our life, if it’s a mind process to a practical concept revolves every time in daily life so my day starts from one over’s just six balls to play.

The first ball is to learn how do you face the problems of life.
“The second ball”
is to see whether you are ready to Stoke it or to leave a way back.

“Third ball” is to defend the ball may dismiss you or out because in cricket inning in day is only one chance to prove that you are ready for everything that’s is a part in the journey

“Fourth ball” To hit it in the place where you feel you will be the saved position, not to hit powerfully just a gap of being what you are today from yesterday.

“Fifth ball”
To give away your class to him by your eye or the work you are marking for an aim go for it if you are missing this ball, then don’t worry life is not ended yet still a ball to go.

“Sixth Ball”
You will come to know, the whole theory  that you crafted at all the five balls may you get fear to it, but the knowledge that you earned through the innings will take you to think about the concept you prepared in your mind set,
You never know how the day balls on the crease you are paying off,
So cricket is the game of life….