Happy Thanksgiving Day.

“To You”

(My Thanksgiving Greeting Card)

Happy Thanksgiving To All My Beautiful Friends,

This is for you made by me and only for you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Stay Happy and smiling

I am Always there for you just call me I will be there and God is always there to look at you so don’t worry about anything just work hard and your Thanksgiving gift will be your passion towards work

Dream big to write a great script of life,

Be you and be happy..

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This is love of a writer to you.

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Contest Entry for “why do you write”.

Why Do You Write?

(Enter an Essay to Win)
“I Write For The World, For The silent Voice”.
Silent Voice Screams
The Shimmering hope chaos falls
into a net of faith love Blood Bliss from
the blue eyes which Travel in
the corner of life
Whispering Corners
with silent sighs
were making a Lucuna
to Reside,
Hold Stronger My faith
it’s time to Survive.
“I Write For The World, For The Voiceless & Silent Voice”.

I write to express not to impress someone.
“When paper gets wet by writing,
Then Understand that I’m not writing,
It is someone who is living inside me, who has an untold story to write”.
As if something is written on a paper, it can not be written more on it. When the paper is empty, there will be a possibility of writing on it. In the same way, the mind also needs space for new information. If there is some deposit in advance, then the new information will not be recorded. When you write your thoughts on paper, gather more information from new books, newspapers and the internet.
Words are enough to express anything as the feelings,
Why do you write?.
By an Interpretation shadow of mine, you will know what do I write.
I am not a Man
I am not a Woman
I am not a Rich
I am not a poor
I am not a creek
I am Nothing to say in verse while
I am just a simple shadow
Who invites everything to the time of
the journey of happiness,
to travel’s around the world
to spread a Handy hand’s among
the people’s to discover
a new life for the name
“Paper for pen
Love for life”.
I write what I believe in, I express myself to aspect my imagination that is my best friend of life.

Contest link: https://publishmepleaseblog.wordpress.com/contribute/

Happy Birthday To Me.

Same thing to repeat again ­čÄé­čÄü­čÄë Birthday Boy Thoughts for my WordPress World. Hello Everyone, My name is Chirayu Sharma and today’s is my birthday, Today is the day I was waiting for such a long time Birthday the day where we born The day of a happiness comes to the world The day where everything is made for you If it’s your favorite food or any gift is on your wish You are the king of the day People’s blesses you with the best gift of their kind gesture, it’s an earning happiness and love from everyone on such a great day. The day comes once in 365 days, so celebrate it your first moment of the birth till the current day of happiness, love everyone and be what who you are, so with this happiness of love live the new year like a pen for the paper and love for the life. So Happy birthday to Me as well as the future star who is born today­čśé. “Coming to My Third Home and My Writing World To celebrate the Birthday in an expressive language”. I feel very proud whenever I use this app and to come here on this platform I get to learn “the Respect to be earned not by money by the Talent”. after being a part of such a great platform I feel this is the best gift I have for such a long time and I want to thanks to all my close friends for being there always to support me in a good time to the worst part of writing because of you guys I am still alive in writing and your love is a strength to me to write something good and new and better so thank-you Guys & I love you, everyone. My birthday is so special for me, but at the same time it’s an exciting era for the three lords and my best Friends of life They are my love forever and life They are everything for me my Dad, Mom, and brother because of them, I have my own identity to be made, no restriction on me, I am a free flying bird, so I am here to create my own mark of the life. there is my idols, inspiration, everything for me can’t express. Thank-you Mom, Dad, Brother. Love you forever. Please respect women’s and live your life freely. Thank you everyone

-Chirayu­čśâ­čśÇ­čÄü­čÄé . “

One Day.

One day I will lift up the success that I have seen through the closed eyes of night. One day I will meet the love that I have seen through the open and close eyes by day and night. One day I will be changing up the thinking that I have seen through my eyes to open up for them who have closed it for the time. if this three milestone, I have achieved in life, then what else I want, just nothing.


Happy Friendship Day.

To “one”& to all Happy Friendship Day”

The day when we all look for, to thank the one, who is being the best person in every aspect of life, the one who sees with us, the most dark to bright shadows of life, the one who stands with us like a strong pillar and make us to feel like there is someone with me who will look for me, who will care for me and love for me, the one who makes us happy and joy, in the company of that one, a person can never feel alone as it will make us special and also cherish us Everytime, so the one name is enough for us to say it loud out and also to the smile on the face, if they are not with us, it’s felt that life is moving in a silent path but with them, we are never off to chill out, and to the most trusted bonded thread live, so on this friendship day, let’s celebrate the day with Friends to celebrate there importance to our Life, live with them in the bind of “Best Friend Forever”. I have made many friends here and this friendship is precious to me so in my life my Friends will be always a Best Friend Forever To my friends, I love you all and respect you much, you all are the great humans of your life & soul too, friends are many but some are great as you all. Thank-you everyone who is with me and supported me, encouraged me, inspired me and understand me in every time, without you, I wouldn’t found the mirror like you all who never lies to me. Always being the true meaning of a friend, So thank-you everyone, this friendship will be alive till the next birth of the life. Love you all.