Morning “Rise to shine “

Every morning is not the same 
Every day is not the same
Every afternoon is not the same
Every night is not the same,
the time decides your role of the whole day.
“Good Morning to every human of this world, every second is same as the memories of your gone age you can’t go back in the same age, you can make your today best to see your future of any regret or mistake for life.
Stay Happy, Positive and be you.. 

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Propose Day

“Propose day”
I sit down to my feet
With a ring in the box
Waiting waiting and waiting for her
To say it was not said for a long time we have been two till yesterday, but today I want you to be the one for the life
And even to look me and I look to you
Every day, every night , every time until you have been mine, my day and I see you though the gaze of sunshine and praise you till the moonshine….
I love you with a condition to give you all the happiness for the whole life and I can bow down to your feet to say and embrace to show my feeling,
By saying
“Will you marry me, and to oath you
By a permanent heart owner of mine to open ” lifetime windows of the life”..

Thank you…

Happy Teddy Day


“Happy Teddy Day”.

I can’t hear you
I can’t talk to you
But I can feel you through these,
which has you into a little furry
I can see you through these,
Which has you in a silent beauty

I can hug you through these,
Which has a power to transform the feelings of each other into a soft warm hug,
I can hear you through these, which keen to tell you, how long we have been seeing each other through this, it doesn’t matter how afar, we are and how distant we today, we are still together by this gift which is
Your teddy is my lifetime Valentine love.
Happy Teddy Day.

Happy Promise Day


What does a promise word means to you?
Nothing but something
I Promise to do what I make sure to keep or to be fulfill,
I never promise to break someone’s feelings or to hurt someone into a different emotion or pieces, I find promise is such a beautiful word and more than the word, it is a task of a mission that we give to complete it within a time period or in another quotation way
“a promise is not your Friend and not my friend but the promise is the mainstream of our friendship”.
“Bond with each other,
Stronger Relations
A word to believe, trust and moreover a language to communicate each others life.
I promise to you ” if Earth gets quake
If water gets flooded
If snow get a fall
If your heart to life gets pain.
I will be your reliever shield to save you from everything that troubles you or to make you think
why this life is so complicated
I will be your true friend forever,
Joy of happiness and love for the time till I survive, I promise to see you happy never to make you or see you sad.
My promise is my gift to you on this Valentine,
I do this to you to make you happy and to see the joy as a smile on your face as I have given to you,
So make a promise to fulfil not to break it.
Thank you “Happy Promise Day”.




” Confession ”
“Her eyes ask me
Do you like my heart?
He said no, not sure about your heart,

I’m perish completely to your quintessential eyes & wholeheartedly on you,

it’s not only your heart but

The whole beauty incense on you is an enormous, heartbeat to give away a love for a life..
You insane me through your charms and I can feel the fragrance of your beauty from this “distant directly to say from heart

” you switched off my mind on to your beauty glimpse”..