26/11 Mumbai Attack.

“26/11 Mumbai attack, ”
This day of that year 2008
will never go off, from my mind & heart,
That day is still a remembrance of lost loved ones,
an affection of affecting them is losing the hope will he or she be fine, a care will never determine, how desperately a family is waiting to meet their own heart, including them who have lost their lives by sheltering a mother country, urges all the care of love behind the life, the same caution follows an impact of any tragedy is very harsh sometimes it is very tough to heal, because tragedy is not only the explanation of the word it’s also an auto Creator machine to harm & give pain by their action of Terrorism
No love, no peace if the pain is hard to conceive, more than to think it’s adjourned colonial path to create a line at the apex of demons, better to punish for their action & restrict before they plannings to harm the innocence life.
Today marks the 9th anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai Attack.
“Word is less, Thoughts are mute
The Mind is clueless to remember that tragedy, which scars day & night,
where eyes got moist, ears to hear those yelling noises, a face is still the remembrance of a dear one, who has been the most powerful fighters, standing has a tough shield to protect the Innocence life, I might have thought upon to them,
that tragedy is never ever to forget & never to forgive
My salute to the lost ones who have been the real heroes, survived till the last breath to save the innocence life, so
Salute & respect to all the Martyrs who been the real fighters.
And I pledge for my country,
To stand against such a situation & fight to erase out the name of the Terrorism.
Jai hind, proud to be an Indian.
“Lost Martyrs are alive in everyone’s heart,
they pay off their duty,
now it’s our turn to stand together, to make a life with full of freedom, peace, and love,
No war, No persecution, and no terrorism.
. -Chirayu!.


Happy Thanksgiving Day.

“To You”

(My Thanksgiving Greeting Card)

Happy Thanksgiving To All My Beautiful Friends,

This is for you made by me and only for you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Stay Happy and smiling

I am Always there for you just call me I will be there and God is always there to look at you so don’t worry about anything just work hard and your Thanksgiving gift will be your passion towards work

Dream big to write a great script of life,

Be you and be happy..

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Contest Entry for “why do you write”.

Why Do You Write?

(Enter an Essay to Win)
“I Write For The World, For The silent Voice”.
Silent Voice Screams
The Shimmering hope chaos falls
into a net of faith love Blood Bliss from
the blue eyes which Travel in
the corner of life
Whispering Corners
with silent sighs
were making a Lucuna
to Reside,
Hold Stronger My faith
it’s time to Survive.
“I Write For The World, For The Voiceless & Silent Voice”.

I write to express not to impress someone.
“When paper gets wet by writing,
Then Understand that I’m not writing,
It is someone who is living inside me, who has an untold story to write”.
As if something is written on a paper, it can not be written more on it. When the paper is empty, there will be a possibility of writing on it. In the same way, the mind also needs space for new information. If there is some deposit in advance, then the new information will not be recorded. When you write your thoughts on paper, gather more information from new books, newspapers and the internet.
Words are enough to express anything as the feelings,
Why do you write?.
By an Interpretation shadow of mine, you will know what do I write.
I am not a Man
I am not a Woman
I am not a Rich
I am not a poor
I am not a creek
I am Nothing to say in verse while
I am just a simple shadow
Who invites everything to the time of
the journey of happiness,
to travel’s around the world
to spread a Handy hand’s among
the people’s to discover
a new life for the name
“Paper for pen
Love for life”.
I write what I believe in, I express myself to aspect my imagination that is my best friend of life.

Contest link: https://publishmepleaseblog.wordpress.com/contribute/

Happy Halloween.

“Welcome To My Imaginary Halloween Home For Treat”
Theme for Halloween- “U Are Gone”
Today is my day, my night and my time,
So I
Welcome everyone to my Scary Halloween Party Night:
Let’s Begin,
A rhyming poem on the night of Halloween,

If You are an old or young
Don’t get Bold in the cold of night
Hallows are waiting in their horrific makeup and costumes to give thrilling pleasure so
Hold your nerves so you not get bowled for the time
It’s just the beginning of the Halloween night the whole script is yet to be played, the theme for all that comes is in fiction mind”.
This is the day where I rule at night,
no matter how the plan to bring all faces to realistic
Which Is waiting to thrill you from inside out for the whole night?

The Theme for the night is a mysterious hat with a creepy to illusion active lights of the shadow of an eerie mask. Hence, it’s a creature for evil spiritual faces to make it a ready quote label for the Party night, will mark out to be the Best Halloween night.
I bet this party will be an intriguing experience of life.
Party Invitation:
Date: 31st Oct at 11 pm
Venue: Hallow Town Of Eve Street
Costume: Creepy Hat with a Long Spooky Coat dual colors of red and black. Halloween imagery abstract tattoos is the complimentary at the end of the party night

Menu card name :
Special Spooky Party Menu.
Blood Soup with Cheese Croutons & Fried Nail with elbow Cluster.
Main courses:
Twisted leg With crispy Shoulder
& Roasted Pepper teeth with Blood drink.
King Nose Sizzler with Sticky Ears. Desserts:
Pudding Skin Custard Creme.
Complimentary gift:
At the end, you will get a chance to meet the most beautiful Halloween girl of the night for an hour So plan for it to Rome to comb your fairytale inside your arm and enjoy the night.
Hope u have enjoyed my Invitation card.
so plz dare to come & enjoy the scary night to remain until the next time.


An Inspiration Life.

Every mom has a different role to play in their home,
So my home who is not a mother but also a superwoman with superlative powers,
She is the best gift of life and without her, I’m nothing cause I love my mom more than anyone in life because she is my friend for forever, my teacher for life and my Idol for my dreams,
She taught me that whatever you do be honest, be humble, be a focus to your goal which is my mantra for life and makes me be a seeker for a dream.
I think this not enough to say more about my mom better to write the story which is Unheard by anyone and untold by me,
It is a story of an inspiring life who is everything to me, my mom,

A few years back In 2004…
When I was born, everyone was so happy and my mom happiness was something else cause I was the first child for my parents and it was also the day when my parents have built his own home by his Hard work, struggle also my mom did the same thing and named on me,
It was the best moments never to forget in life, everything was going well
Later after a year my dad passed away by heart attack and my mom was trying to show that I’m strong but her tears and scream voice says everything I was little child so I could not know what is happening around me, mom use to work and as the day passes the pain heals, my mom and me we both moved on in life
At age of 18, I Started valuing my mom more when I
Heard the inspiration story of mom from my maternal grandmother, how
alonely she nurtured me and how hard time she saw and she worked for me to give every happiness of life,
That day I decided whatever things I am going to do is only for my mom to make her proud and make her happy forever the time.
So I started working hard and studying well to pursue the dreams that I dreamed for me and for my mom,
As the days go on, I was finally on my own feet, I took all the responsibility of home and said mom not to work anymore as your child is there to look at you from now and we lived a very happy life.

My mom was a housewife when my dad was alive
After he passed away she started working in the primary school as well she was a part-time cook at the school restaurant, what she did no one can do so I’m proud of my mom, she is my inspiration, Motivation and my life…

What I learned from Mom Is written below in the poetry I can see the tears in your eyes,
I can see the pain in your heart
I can see the scars on your body,

don’t pretend to be
who you are not
be who you are
and cut off every ache
that makes you to
live life differently and difficulty.


Food Article.

Food article
“Say hi to healthy and bye to junk food”.

The subject of health in the fast pace of life and running a lot of life has left a lot of interest and the result is that today we are suffering from diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, obesity, arthritis and thyroid in our youth. The first of which was in the state of prosperity and old age, and the main reason for this is the bad habits of drinking and living, let us also follow these rules of health ourselves. Stay healthy
And don’t eat junk food much
Consumption of junk food in the whole world is increasing day by day, which is not good for the future. People of all ages prefer to eat junk food and usually, when they choose to have them with their family while enjoying some special time, such as birthday, anniversary, etc. Various varieties of junk food available in the market; Use cold drinks, wafers, chips, noodles, burgers, pizzas, french fries, Chinese food, and also According to the research of scientists, it has been found that they put negative effects on health in many ways. These are usually fried packed food, which is found in the market. These include calorie and cholesterol, sodium minerals, sugar, stroke, excessive of unhealthy fat and lack of nutrients and protein elements. Junk food is a means of rapid weight gain and has a negative impact on the body throughout life.
According to research, it has been found that young age is very sensitive age, during which a person should eat good health enhancer food. Because there are many variations in the body due to the advancing age for this age group during this age (teen)
You are the priority of every home’s
We are Nothing Without You
When you dip in the fried oil
The water thrust arises in the mouth
As the waves crumbled at every layer
When you have taken out in the dish
it speaks one word “Delicious” after tasting You
My tummy is tasteless in your craziness
More than a dish is like an empty mind for a crunching bit
The Day starts with you Yummy Aloo Paratha and ends with Biryani
Is both are more special food of my life
If you turn around in your mind you will miss a taste
The taste of home
Where mom is the best cook and food is the best Friend of your healthy life!.
Food is the Mirror of the realistic nature of a taste & reflection is a deity of Life ha-ha!.
Make it more special by Tasting the love of food nor to waste the single bit of tasting life!.
The story of my life I eat you more to find you at night to live with you in time!.
My favorite food and dish are my mom’s handmade!.. she is the magician of my healthy and a beautiful life!.

So “Say hi to healthy and bye to junk food”.