Must read.

I am sad as a true fan of cricket
because i know what cricket is to a cricketer’s life
It is everything and even for me cricket is
my first and last love and without cricket I can’t survive, me and cricket are bff, so imagine how important does this sport to an international cricketer,
after hearing
his true words and seeing true tears
I felt emotional and I said to myself
Why he got a ban for a year,
Plz forgive him and let him to play again
He is a jammer and he will be always
He will come strongly too
I know and then too I will be supporting because I support cricket and everything in cricket.

To his true fans:
Look what he did in his career achieved not
what he has done by mistake Because he admitted his mistake
And he got his punishment too
please forgive him
If you haven’t made any mistake in life
then you don’t forgive,
but those who did please forgive him.

Coming to Cricket
You Know what is Cricket
Those who know
look from that angel and those
Who don’t or who do not play cricket
To Them,
What you see is tv telecast
But live a day from cricketer’s mind or Sportsman
They reached there they achieved so how and what struggle they did,
You will know what I am saying,
How tough it is, the hard work behind to a player life and sacrifices to UPS and down everything is part of the sportsman life
My point is don’t judge someone quickly, don’t comment without knowing him or her and Important
Support the talent before saying as giving your own opinion it hurts to be a strength don’t be a weakness
Plz I request to all