Fear of love.


“World (We) Against Terrorism”.

World (We) Against
Human needs
love, peace, and freedom
But terrorism is opposite to it,
Because they are not human
They are the real losers of life
They don’t know what they are doing,
But we, every human is “One”
against anything wrong,
We, the Human, has
A love between each other after war,
A peace after watching the horrific
A freedom after the darkest day,
So we are never going to be weak,
it is a tough time now,
but we all are one,
so I pray for the people’s of Las
Vegas and I’m with them and my
prayers and thoughts are with them.
Red “Is the Color of love And Peace and ribbon for being “One”

Clinton vs Trump.


Clinton. Vs. Trump.
************ ………. *************

“A letter from an Indian to the next president of US”.
Namaste, to America as well to the Next President,
I wish and hope the upcoming as you, Mr or Mrs President of US will give
” an integrity lesson on a working ethic.
“peoples elects you from voting, it’s is not only an electing a leader who rules the country, it’s also important to know how promising as a leader or rendering out some appealable work plans for their country people’s, who are in the state of surrounding and believing for a change alike some new ethics, which Stiff an American politeness towards a faithful empowerment, so for the voting over their manifesto is must, awareness towards voting is just a simple duty and responsibility that we citizens forget sometimes, more of this take a few time and hours for your county of the people’s & for a change which needs a powerful leader to perform his or her role,
It could be the first lady which is nominated candidate from
“Democratic Party” (Clinton) has to be so furious a definite game planner to change & to work for betterment of the country and on the other side, it could be,
the Continuity of leadership as a Man who rules every time, but this time from “Republican Party” (Trump) can work upon some new bound over policy’s and to bind to different countries and to improvise a working method by keeping intelligence in front then his own
complacency nature….
So all the best to both of them..
I Support to the party who owes by an aim, moreover to, make a country in a betterment ship, it could be a prominent Role to play towards a vision for a change,
Perhaps, Difficulty will be in every stage, who has a role play depends to welcome to their sustain of cruelty towards Criticism, Critical & Curiosity, Work of development and implementation will haul the old slogan…”Be the change
You want to see in the world”..
A request to all the people’s of America,
Please vote your decided candidate actually it’s always a must responsibility as a human and a part of the country, we support to them to whom we have faith and belief that he or she can take away our dreams to the next step…..
so active towards voting is must prove this year be in list of voting and be a part and make other a waking lesson for a voter, failed down last time graph of voting to be an inspiration for others as a citizen.. So your time of voting is started now
Everything is you…
Make it what’s in your mind…
all the best to both the candidates.
Best always wins…
👍. 👍.
(Clinton (Trump
Family My
Choice) Choice.