Body Shaming….(do you agree with me)


“Morning Weekend Photography”. (Me vs Sun)

“Morning Weekend Photography”. (Me vs Sun)

You are my motivation on the beginning of the
You are my inspiration on the beginning of the day and also

You are my biggest competitor on the beginning of the day and even all the days
You are the morning of everyone’s life,
Before the sunrise
I want to rise,

Before the sunset
I want to set

My competitor
are sun who comes every day to challenge me and I have prepared myself to challenge him, sometimes sun wins sometimes me and sometimes the Different season, let’s see who wins
today as it’s weekend. “Battle of the day begins on the rise of the sun”.

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Happy Mother’s Day.

“Happy Mother’s Day Everyone.”

Happy Mother’s Day to
My Mom
You are best.🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉
“I’m so lucky that God has given me everything by giving me a mom,
who is everything to me and the best thing to me that I have in my life
Is my mother,
Who is complete life to me,
On this auspicious day to unforgettable time, I have to
Say you something that from now Onwards the time is yours,
“Each second of your life going to be so special & every minute will be unforgettable,
Precious includes charismatic.
this is my promise Mom.
Stay happy,
Love you

Keep smiling.
(You are my god).
Love you Mummy.
(You kept me in your womb, safely with care, I can say only one thing “Thank you god for giving me the best gift of life.
To my prettiest,
my perfectionist and
my loveliest
who is
my life mirror,
my life shadow,
my life friend and
my entire life
Who is one and
everything to me
Without you,
“I am nothing and I will be no one”.
My aim is to make you
Always proud and give you all the
happiness because you are The best gift of life and very precious too,
You are one,
who is only one will be one forever

Dear World,
I don’t believe in the special day for mother’s
Because Peoples will take a picture, give surprise or gift and will celebrate mother’s day but then?
mother’s day is over?
This is not what mother’s day is all about,
You celebrate a day and then back to work
Don’t know what is happening in mother’s life
Don’t care about mother because of work
Don’t have time to spend with mother
And when one day comes in the year
You celebrate mother’s day this is not done,
I think this is like doing for a day and showing that you love someone more than anyone else but I don’t think you love it is a love of a day not all time,
So I request everyone to celebrate every day as a mother’s day with your mom
By giving time, taking care, making a great moment by surprising her every day with something
That your mother loves a lot and you
know that it is our duty as a child
To take care of our mom
Because what she did we can’t get even do a bit
But what we can do is “give her the happiness”
To see her smile always and most important
Never make feel like she is alone in the world,
We have to take care of our mother,
She gave us birth with a lot of pains and sacrificed a lot for us so it’s our time do more for mother,
To mom,
I will Love to you more than more
I will Look to you more than more
I will Care to you more than more
I will Respect to you more than more
I will
Make delicious food for you more than more
(I will try to cook)
I will Give happiness to you more than more
I will be with you more than more
I am more than more to you Mom,

In every smile, every tear and every moment you are always there for me through the years supporting me and providing me with all the energy I needed in order to stand in the game called life.

Every Mother always thinks good for their Children and families so please respect & make your mother proud and give her all the happiness of life,
Happy Mothers Day make your mother happy and give happiness always.