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The Life Of Cycle (Rickshaw wala)

The Life Of Cycle  (Rickshaw wala)IMG_20160616_225049.jpg
Ting Ting,
A majestic journey started at morning
I dream a dreamed that which no one dreams
So let me Make it into the real world
With the unstoppable inspiring life
Traveling with the honesty to feed the live’s of home
And to leave behind a painful daily routine to earn as much as the day acquires from the time,
Challenges are a bit to fight with the condition as inflation, rain, sweat, thrist, hunger & critical situations are daily ride,
Straining the whole mind for a curious path by the pedestrian crossing
Risks taken away from the inside until it admired your Passion to rub the hard-working person for earning Money,
Stacking the load of life in the head
By paddling a wheel around to travel, the amount of distance covers of Paddling to transport the heavy lifting weights to the destination mark to earn the first money for the day it thrusts down & weary at the same time
On the daily basis, it’s faces many Turning & damaged road to manage the serenity of safe driving & to complete a safety journey by customers eye’s
Cycle Men (Rickshaw wala) depended to be living a cruel handling, gastric hopeful life to feed their family with a fraternity time off tomorrow
Days and night are made for the working life
No festival’s, no Sunday’s just an aim to nourish the family by two time of food
Which rusted away from many lives some degraded the situation some lies on the same routine
More than a day is less than the time
Cycling every day for tomorrow’s live
Pain is the grain suffer every time
By back born trembling while driving and wakes the harsh furious mind to the fragile path
Some denied in hopelessly some stick alone as hard work is paded off,
The life will carry many sighs to paved away everything and to learn humanity reward for the hard working people’s as the cycle man who buried their  happiness in the dripping water of a sweating face to tackle the day with positive aspects for unveiling life to turn around the framed on the with many of
humanity is a message to be learned from the cycle man
They work by paddling to give the strength on the path where life is pretended once or forgotten for the whole time

I salute the nurture hard-working to the people’s who earn for the family from the right way, the right direction of hard work is to pay off for the life for sure!…
Inspiring people’s, inspiring life!..
This is my country and
my Voice for the Whole life!.

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“Things I could never tell you”

“Things I could never tell you”
Real or Unrealistic was our love,
We met in a strange place, but never thought to live together for such a long time,
Leaving you today to meet you again at the same place, but in the next life taking this one day from you to bind the moment we spend together this is the time to live with you the most beautiful time forever
Thus the message I have written before closing my book of life
Why we met, why I loved you, why we discovered our life, why leaving you today with the word Sorry!!…

P.S. That person was suffering from cancer last stage, he doesn’t want to see her wife a crying face so he left one day before his death!!.
this was the thing he could never say to her!!..

Mystery Behind..

IMG_20160305_202551!! Mystery Behind !! (A fictional story)
(The letter is a last diary page of a father’s book left behind to his daughter!!.. in the letter it was just written two mysterious lines that please come back “To see the typewriter on the table, high up the room flying butterfly, down to the store room for a Golden Egg!!)”
!. Story Begins!…
The letter I received after the death of my father it was the clue written in that letter was just a two lines !!.. he loves to play games like this in childhood! ..But Coming back today to this house, remembering the days of childhood running to the steps to make different sound or knocking Dad Room to ask him every day a new piece of paper for the typewriter, still I remember this typewriter when you always typed a lettered on my birthday!. the happiness left behind in the house will be never repeated again but today after 15 years later, this house I find myself as living a childhood days again in the same house but today time is changed!!. my Dad had left a letter behind with the Mysterious clue!!.. Finding the clue to find the golden egg!!.
I have splited the clue!!. The first clue ( to see the typewriter on the table)!! The typewriter is here on the table (thinking what will be) finding & searching everything in the door under the typewriter, but doesn’t get anything but after a few minutes while taking off the typewriter, I got a key a fully rusted with mud eyes!!.. my first clue was completed!!. moving for the second clue (high up the room ) so this clue was very confusing, but never thought it would be easy to find, while walking towards the room I founded box on the carpet which was full of splinters.. I was confused but thought to go for the third clue going up opening the door with the Help of key & moving for the last clue to know what the golden egg is.. (high up the room flying butterfly down to store room)!!!… Moving on the clue the flying butterfly down to the store room!.. But store room was locked & the key I used was the first I got from the typewriter, but it is fully dirty so I have splinter to rub on the key to remove the dust particles & now opening the door & pushing, giving the pressure & than finally it’s opened but it was fully dirty room with spider webs on the wall & many dirty things!!.. After a few minutes I Saw a bookshelf with blasted, painted broken frame & up on the roof, it is a butterfly a gift which I have received on my 18th birthday it is the butterfly Robotic bird who can fly & can walk with a remote control panel!!.i remembered when it was broken I kept on the roof, which is down to the store room!!.. so the third clue was halfway over now going to the last store shell opening up the door, finding out the box than got a round box which was fully dirty & Oval in shape I think this is a golden egg when I opened the box the fragile oval egg was so beautiful when I have opened the lock of Oval egg I got a beautiful golden light out with the voice of mine saying Papa & Mummy!!.. this voice was recorded on the first time when my soul of hearts speaks the two beautiful word of life is Mum & dad!!. it was the best gift of my life forever, which I have received from the letter written from my dad behind the whole life!!. after leaving your life you are still with me always!! where ever you are, you are my love forever, so thank-you Dad & mom!!. I love you forever & I miss you too!!. Thank-you!!.
– Chirayu