“Happy Mother’s Day”
She fought for us against the world
She stands for us against the peoples
She sacrifices for us against the lives
She still continues to inspire us everyday & every time.
She is no one, then the most important Person, who is a human, friend, teacher, love and a god of everyone’s life.
Mother is the term 
I call her “Super Woman”. My mother is my life
My mother is my love 
My mother is my Shadow
 My mother is my Role model 
My mother is my Inspiration
 My mother is my Idol  My mother is my best friend
 My mother is everything to me
Today what I am is because of my mother,
for me my mother is everything. “To you mother, 
thank you for everything Maa,
I know, how great you, I know how beauty is your love and care, there is no one better to understand me and without you my life is incomplete, Thank you with priceless, because you deserve more than this, you are” the entire universe is with me, words will never measure the love you have showered on me,
I can’t Thank you enough, and a thing I forgot to mention is you “the best and no.1 cook in this entire universe, I bet no one can cook like you, you are beyond, magical and magicians of your as well the surrounding lives.
On this auspicious day to unforgettable time, I have to
Promise you something that from now 
Onwards the time is yours,
“Each second of your life going to be so special & every minute will be unforgettable,
Precious includes charismatic.
this is my promise Mom.
Stay happy, 
Love you
Keep smiling.
(You are my god).
Love you Mummy.
(You kept me in your womb, safely with care, I can say only one thing “Thank you god for making the best creation for life.
My Mom is Super Woman.)
And To Every mother in the whole world wish you “Happy Mother’s Day”. Keep Smiling & Keep Rocking.
Thank you


Mother’s Day


Mother’s day!…
Hello and Namaste to every Mother in this world, this letter is for my Mother and for Every Mother in this world .
this letter is on the best occasion of mother’s day too. As like every special flowers shines with a time of golden light, like that today it is named by the brightest leaf of Pearl. it is a day when a real pearl of beauty shines all over in world and up the cloud a bird fly up in the sky to see the day to be known about them! It is the mother’s day!
Every mother’s are so special of their home, they are the flowers of earth, star of the brightest moon and the main part is there are the maker of this world!. My mom is the most beautiful soul of the house and the head captain of life.
Hello Mummy Namaste
Happy day to you Mom!!. you are the best forever!!.
You are my idol, my inspiration, my gorgeous friend & one of the best and the most important thing is the food you are the greatest cook of all time!!. your cooking is out of the world every single dish are living in my mouth every day with a Beautiful & delicious taste!!.
Mom, thanks for giving me this life & the freedom to discover my thoughts by myself & to teach me that freedom is not what you need,freedom is what you discover!!. !!.. Thank-you for everything Mom!!.
Every Mother is precious for their Families and I am Happy because I love my mother and whatever thing I have achieved in life is because of my Mother is best in the world ..
Every Mothers are the real architects of society.
and I can’t describe or to say about my mom because
My Mom is everything for me.
Every Home,Every Heart, Every Feeling,Every Moment Of happiness is incomplete without you, Only you can complete this world My Mother.
In every smile, every tear and every cheer you were always there for me through the years supporting me and providing me with all..the energy I needed in order to stand in the game called life.
Every Mother always thinks good for their Children and families so please respect your parents & make your mother happy and Smiling than the Laughing Buddha.
Give happiness and make your Mother happy forever.
Happy Mothers Day make your mother happy and give happiness always… thank you…
(I have a drawn a Small Cartoon Sketch for my mother!!.. I hope you will like it!..You are the best!!.. love you forever)!..