Age & Cage.


“Age & Cage”.
Age is a wiser growth passes every second by beat of time,

The cage is a mere of a cave which slights down in a glacier gimp into a frightened Grumpy.

Age & Cage both are the simultaneously ways and the important words plays in a daily life,

Age is trusted word to know of the importance of time, whereas cage is the place you urge by your own aspect’s.
One day is the next step of age, whereas,
Cage changes your ways and path where you experience every stage of life in a periodic slot like
The difference between the two words bittersweet, which is bitter hard for sweetest taste,
Only the differ is a “contact ” between the word and optimal attested to the whole word, contact has to sign one is conclude and other concern,
If we promise to conclude every day for tasking life, then the matter of cage is quite handled,
Concern for the whole life,
Paddling day to Runaway all tangent’s Connection of sinner
When Age depart your time you reflects on your revenues, which is not traded for some time, the life you have seen by a dream to reach is the age you blink, but the way you think isn’t a part you are waiting to face while traveling or going to be facing an error towards your running age.. So Age and cage both are very precise words which plays a important compere role in a daily life.





It reaches to someone’s life
Like a magical power to find the truth to know
the myth of the hidden life..
My mind is a heck of a thought everything what I did had been a just fiction, it came as a sanity scene in mind, but gone as a dignity of frames.
The fluorescent light rays are sitting with me to remember the time of a small chimneys mark to see the path of end where my life will start with a script of love,
The Story of love!..
After traveling three difficult steps you will reach the final destination of love!..
Knowing, crying, proposing, ends a perfect love story!..
I want to know you now,
To sweep you from the feet of your life and to bring it in my heart of the world to make you a queen of it.
I want to cry now,
To see does the Tear’s will answer the true meaning of love or to erase all the memories which was hidden in my soul till the time
I want to die now,
To know after doing does the love is opened from the cage as the inspirational story afar dig over the others.. what is the next one!..
Ensemble of love is to experience it where it sparks so go deep in it & behind if it’s in your country or around the world be a traveler to catch the ride of wanderlust, to find the love to whom you love the most.



Mysterious Case!.(A Short Fiction Thriller Story)

Mysterious Case!.
The tail end with the morality quest realistic
Impulse to control the character
Researched in the theory of the book, lay down on the table
The case chases the report by the code name – 30
Faint lady Dementia’s Murdered case
Intriguing at the beginning, but later story opened many pages
Clue of murder was the code number -30
The lady was not good in the mentally position,
Depriving pearl hidden down under the tongue
Plume tainted on a molested BlackMail
Of Women’s thrashes away with depressed mind
Fearful Eyes threatens by two Man’s
Lately Women’s depression taken a path of crime by murdering the two Man’s and lately cut each and every body piece in a plastic pouch and thrown away into the dustbin of neighborhood home.
When the police started the inquiry than a case officer caught the evidence but he couldn’t arrest her because he was Also being killed at night more than 17 people’s being killed in the chase the lady made a game to kill everyone who involved in this class and to hide the truth of murder mystery!..
Lateral lady flushing everything in the past and leaving for the different country but
CBI caught her and charges to hang her for the life..
(P.S 30 was the number she was causing in her marking list she made a list to kill the thirty people’s who lusted and tortured her in the whole life, While so for the revenge she declared a murder war on the 30 people’s but lately she was caught by CBI..


“Secret of the Day” – (Three mind is rolling on a day it’s Monday)

“Secret of the Day” – (Three mind is rolling on a day it’s Monday)
First Mind is a case of (disposable thoughts)
Thrown away after using it once to filter down by the
Liberty of a life is a prevention of time
Awake freshly at morning is dreadful at the evening
Due to the Exposure of work
It tackled your time as an Obsoleting fashion out of life
Like old paper attached in a new modern book
Frustrating mind when the headache occurred by the work
Just the day started and the syringe of work is given to your body
To work until you save your Money, the first Mind is made to type the day as Monday in the dictionary of a hectic time
Second Mind Praising the life of school students
It’s frightening due to, it’s the first day in the week
Thinking to run the clock faster to complete the whole day in a second, is it possible or does any time machine made to revert the same turn Sunday again and again?.
Thinking can complete your desire, but the reality will never change
School for six days in a week with bundled of home work make a virus in mind to fear from life,
More than a day is a new time to Turn the point of life
One day teacher’s make it by giving punishment and another, the school friends
why you came Monday its better to take your leave to pack a bag and go to school to retain with a sad face!.
Third mind is a classic decent guy
Who value every sea of life
If you are living here than for a reason
So make use of it for a day to shine it Tomorrow
Every Monday it gives me a new motivational force to hike up the level of work, it’s given me a new opportunity to maintain the day to share the whole week to reduce the phantasm from starting a day with a fresh morning mind to keen out the routine according to the time of work.
Monday is a walking agent of a week if takes your weekend than it brings the waves of Work to start according to your mood
Different people, different mind just one thing will be same that’s the day Monday the secret inside the day is questioning to you?. how do you live this day and start a great week ahead, it’s depends on you
Everything is in your hand make your Action in a right way to handle down the situation according to the time
Walk through your day with nature and hard work for the time!..