​All started, when I trusted to this word, whatever things are done trusted to this word, I grow up with this word and I had a friendship with this word until,              This word has come out to perform in a real way, What I lost was because of this word, why I changed because of this word, how I look my life is because of this word.

When everything was going well             Even my stars in favour                               My success is praising me                         And my relationship is going in a great way,                                                               Then this word rises in my life.

With in A Mistake”

 Every single precious thing are ruined from life “Even every  single person left part and my heart Broken into the pieces of hope, taken everything from me left away just a word to wait.
“Crafted self,

suddenly a cyclone arrives to demolish the whole world and give away “to hope” to craft again.

Love happened, when we parted and hope Remains to join us again, don’t know when but one day everything  will be same as before..hope for the best.


“Regal”- iconic heart of oldies.

 “Regal”- iconic heart of oldies.
How time goes on, even every old thing is getting change Everyday by an old memories remains unsaid, but souvenir of an old time of life,
my dad used to tell me about this classic theatre till 21th century, it is one of the classic and iconic single hall Theatre at Delhi ” Regal” an age of 84 lives in a glamorous inflame erratic, wandering world in a cinema hall and corridor and on the hearts of the folks,
my dad told me “when he saw first time in this theatre, he experienced the art of drama in a live mode that’s performed in a visual way on the screen and enjoyed the vicarious time of characters life and more than the movie, folks happiness is more excited to buy a ticket for the film even a show is less than peoples stands out side box, it is passion for love towards a new gift for life, a theatre is an invaluable thing plus movie runs a story stoles a heart of the peoples no one can say the old things is out of date not in a life,
we especially the new generation has failed to find such a passion or To enjoy every bite of life that has gone somewhere as a time passes, we get through to it, like with anything, that we get easily we never work to feel hard, it is all about the facility we get everyday was earned by them who had already seen through those old eyes in their period of life, which is an old age people’s has seen in their life and from generation the world is changing and we adapt to it, so the day has come when the regal has to be made renew by repair, maintenance and renovation, can pay the time, hard-work and moreover the passion of love from old stories to young life
“We will miss this old place for sure
Everything was enchanter and everything will be enchanting in coming time
I as a child of my parents I have to salute this theatre and applauses for all, it did is remembering the remarkable duty serve everyone second and day in screen of visual world, till yet is none can think of, invaluable is this a Regal iconic theatre.
It is not an end it is just a new beginning from old Polish to shine the new magic in the cinema hall to mark the golden times.
“Rest in love forever.

International Women’s Day


“Happy Birthday to You
(Name is inside the letter)
& Happy Women’s Day to every woman including to my mom of this world”.

Dear You,
First of all Namaste to you
And secondly Hello
This is me
Your Little Heart
(One will be the one for everyone).
I know
You never take care of yourself
Because you care about your family,
Family, You made us one by being one together
Your love and Your Care towards your family is “nothing but everything that I can’t even think of anything.
What should I say now.
Words are less to say about you
they are on leave today as well as mine, so my mind off today,
well my mind dictionary is empty too, so I decided to write something directly from my heart to you and to say loudly to the whole world,
The “you” I’m talking about is only one exquisite of my entire life,
she is everything to me without her I’m incomplete as a human and without her I won’t be here where I’m today. My writing life is also started by her blessing, she is a best gift that a child has especially I have…
I don’t care how much I earn in life
Or wherever I will be,
I won’t forget Anything that you did for me if it’s on a day or stages of the life,
You are my idol, my love and more than anything you have taught me this quality “to be, who I am today”.
No fear, No Tears Just to spread love with care and work hard until it is done completely..
Thank you mom there is many things I could say about you, but on a good note, I have to say
you are the best person of my life with that
I’m looking for this day for a long time
Every day I use to see you and to see how you work hard every day and
every second to make our day better
You are the best human
You are the best life
You are the best wife
You are the best mom
You are the best in everything
Your food and cooking is beyond
“Lucky to be born in your womb mom”.

You are the best Maa..
You are the best!.
You are not only the best, but also the great so I want to bow down to your feet with “this letter in hand to say about you and thank you for everything you did in life,
Sorry from the
first day of my life till the date
I’m sorry and
I want to thank you,
Thank you Mom for being there
as a Friend in troubles,
Mother to care
And being with us as a Beautiful Time of everyday life..

Love you now and praise you forever.
“This line is my favorite”:
In every smile, every tear and every cheer you are always there for me through the years supporting me and guiding me with all the power I needed in order to stand in the game called life.

Wish you a Happy birthday
“MOM” .
The amount of love you showers on us everything that you do is not enough me to count & to reach out to it. But I Promise the day will come
When you will feel what you felt before the time and after the day..
The happiness will be shining in your face by the prestige and the pride moments & moreover happiness to make you proud till this life of mine.
So Happy Birthday Mom and
Happy women’s day to you and all the beautiful women’s of the world.
Every Home has a magic that’s created by Every Heart, Every Feeling, Every bit, which is incomplete without the women,
A woman is not only the “life, it is an Inspiration, motivation and more over
Aspirations for you.

So Happy Women’s Day
Every Women’s is a Mother, a Sister, a wife & a friend of Someone’s life so please respect the women’s & they deserve a chance to be what they are & they are the best!.

So please respect and take care of them.

Thank you.


Happy Republic Day.



#Happy Republic Day ….
On This Auspicious day of our country Today we are celebrating
68th Republic Day of India, as a citizen & child of this motherland, I vow to thee my country and oath to make this country more beautiful by adoring the duties of a citizen and to contribute in the right direction to protect this country with a step for a race to a humanity, so writing a short letter by expressing my love for my country &
I proud to be an Indian.
Good time to examine who we are and how we got here..
Still the flames & a myth of scents tricolour my heart with the name to remember always the Country India…
To express my beautiful India dedicating a letter to and for real life humans and real life hero of country
who shelter us Everyday, every second, every time and they are the real pride of the nation…..
Never born to die or also called Shelter Shadow of the country.
I am young and my vision towards country are huge for the contribution I believe in working with thinking.🔘
Heroes are many, but inspiration are less as one the name who are the real life hero of our country are Solider…
The Solider is not a name it is a life of an open book with an inspiration page.. There life isn’t even easy to live they protect us and make us to feel a free soaring, as a safest child of a parent, I just want to Salute their braveness & the admirer thing that us inspire and to adore by the bind of a true friendship or brotherhood between soldiers is the best inspiration I have seen, they live with a different tangents more over to fight Against any conditions a problem can be solved by being one as a hand of togetherness they stand up as one to make their bond more strong.
They believe in fighting till the end and their destiny of life is to win or die for country and to make the motherland save in any time, they are an inspiration for everyone in the country because of them we are saved and they are our shelter shadow of life..
A soldier is the pride of the nation they defend the honour of motherland with the life and blood to raise superior to their family and their own self.
The Soldiers are the best in discipline, team spirit and loyalty. I salute them and thank-you is a small word for them who are so worthy to our country, so I respect and salute them from the bottom of the heart…Jai hind.
Happy Republic Day,
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!!!…

– Chirayu😊

Festivals of India

“Festival Time”.
Wish you a happy time through the festivals of India includes every single carnival that we are living from time to time & life to life , for today it my few favourite celebrated festivals and what I have experienced through my era,
Is Pongal or the harvest festival in south as well new year for Tamilian, Lohri in North it is like a bonfire to burn away past burden and start with a new time, Uttrayan in the west which I’m going to denote in my style.
Because it is one of my favourite festival.
“Kai po che”

Three different words stand for
One slogan to yell after cutting one another “kites” it is “I have cut” which refers in an Indian festival a Makar Sankranti (known as Uttarayan in Gujarat) where one of the competitors uses his kite to cut off the others competitors kite and yells “Kai PO Che.. This is one my favorite and Gujarat’s the most and most divine beauty of the cloud is seen in the festival you have to see once in life.
Kite festival in another word
To soar with strong threads on the cloud and make it to your height of it, every festival is beauty behold, behind became on it

The Festival is all about the celebration

The Celebration is all about the happiness

Happiness is all about the family & Friend

Family is all about the life
Life is all about the time that’s exceeding in every min
So life favour to them who love without conditions, live without fear and make without a plan

So fly like a kite and go away like a thread which soothe you to think where every is based on the life…

Thank you

Clinton vs Trump.


Clinton. Vs. Trump.
************ ………. *************

“A letter from an Indian to the next president of US”.
Namaste, to America as well to the Next President,
I wish and hope the upcoming as you, Mr or Mrs President of US will give
” an integrity lesson on a working ethic.
“peoples elects you from voting, it’s is not only an electing a leader who rules the country, it’s also important to know how promising as a leader or rendering out some appealable work plans for their country people’s, who are in the state of surrounding and believing for a change alike some new ethics, which Stiff an American politeness towards a faithful empowerment, so for the voting over their manifesto is must, awareness towards voting is just a simple duty and responsibility that we citizens forget sometimes, more of this take a few time and hours for your county of the people’s & for a change which needs a powerful leader to perform his or her role,
It could be the first lady which is nominated candidate from
“Democratic Party” (Clinton) has to be so furious a definite game planner to change & to work for betterment of the country and on the other side, it could be,
the Continuity of leadership as a Man who rules every time, but this time from “Republican Party” (Trump) can work upon some new bound over policy’s and to bind to different countries and to improvise a working method by keeping intelligence in front then his own
complacency nature….
So all the best to both of them..
I Support to the party who owes by an aim, moreover to, make a country in a betterment ship, it could be a prominent Role to play towards a vision for a change,
Perhaps, Difficulty will be in every stage, who has a role play depends to welcome to their sustain of cruelty towards Criticism, Critical & Curiosity, Work of development and implementation will haul the old slogan…”Be the change
You want to see in the world”..
A request to all the people’s of America,
Please vote your decided candidate actually it’s always a must responsibility as a human and a part of the country, we support to them to whom we have faith and belief that he or she can take away our dreams to the next step…..
so active towards voting is must prove this year be in list of voting and be a part and make other a waking lesson for a voter, failed down last time graph of voting to be an inspiration for others as a citizen.. So your time of voting is started now
Everything is you…
Make it what’s in your mind…
all the best to both the candidates.
Best always wins…
👍. 👍.
(Clinton (Trump
Family My
Choice) Choice.

My Papa, My Hero.


“My papa, my hero”
One word is not enough to describe
The whole meaning of the term
Thank you is a priceless to him
His effort, hard work and courage of doing and making his own life through struggle and battle of ups down is inflaming to infusing the apprehensive journey framed throughout his own life is inspiring.
He is an inspiring man with the hand of motivation on my head, voice of enthusiasm on my ear and emotions of love is shadow in me, he is the one, who is one of my favorite to the best friend in my life because I love him and to him his family is everything..
So My dad is my hero, not because he is with me, nor in every step of life because he have a trust in me that his child will never disappoint him, so he have a given me freedom and nurtured me like a flying bird so I’m a fearless mind without doing anything wrong till I reach for my goals I will make the vision of the a dream..
walking everyday in a new chapter of a life, where everything is important to know, learning will hike your knowledge meter, where else writing will create your junction route towards the dream..
show the way in right vision, that’s what I learned from my dad and small thing to share with you all is today, I’m surviving is because of him, this was the time on my birth when the team of doctors has said that “your child will not survive for a long time hence a short to leave the his life or to live for the word no more””
But then my dad, my hero, He took me from the place and shifted to the different hospital in different places, where I got a new life, so that was a very tough time to lie with such a situation, but my dad handled everything so that’s why he is my god.
at that time his decision was sensible and he was not an impatient in such a situations, he have faith, so the love is seen and faith in god is always a trustworthy.
So I’m alive and To him his children’s are everything, so
My father is my life
My father is my love
My Father is my Shadow…
My Father is my Role model..
My Father is my Inspiration..
My Father is my Idol..
My Father is my best friend…

Definition of father in my life is

“Good as god & best as a friend
Love as nature & heart as my dad


Love your parents, be with them,
respect them and understand them. because they lived their own experiences in the past to save your present to make you strong against problem of your life.
So love them and care as you care yourself.



Past Memories

IMG_20160916_204219.jpgPic 1. (past memories)

“caption ”
“Sadness wracked on her face
When a voice whisper on her ear’s
the memories revealed again to the time when there was no one behind, The passage Is based on her somber life, When she was born, how her family left her alone in the cage house of the orphanage, She deliberates her past without the love of family and surviving with the question why you have left me alone to fight against the world?.
The answer framed in a parchment voice lived by her own experience where she finds about the word “woman” is questioning word for the world,

Parchment lines:
Baby girl born & burned Girl Walk & Suck
Woman flies & wing’s cut.
Isn’t a reason why I’m been waiting to suffer with such a awful to the woeful activities happens in my life, Does a girl is born for the purpose of use and throw slogan, what a universe is made for us who are living in the place of heaven.

“Proceed with Caution”.
One day afternoon while coming from a friend’s house, I Met three crook boy’s who were drunk, commanded on my clothes and on my body, it was on a Crowdy path and near the street there was a cop checkpoint sitting in the chair eating and gossiping, many peoples were traveling in the street and I was standing after being commanded by the three boys my mind thought to leave away the place or to sit at home like a fearful girl like mainly every other girl’s go through with it and my second opinion heat in mind was to give them a slap, but after giving them slap, they won’t be able to understand how I feel or a girl feel when they been abuse or treat like a puppet, will they respect me or any other women, there action can be more harsh to me they can harm me like everyday, every min, every second there is a woman who is going through with such a situations harassment or molesting, some stay at that place to give away an action as a fighting spirit or some give up everything like a trapped victim so my mind was staying at that place, then suddenly I got to come to their point, they assumption to me, I called them near to me and I asked what is your problem? Haven’t you seen someone like me who wear a short shirt and a short skirt does you find something interesting in that? Do you think we women’s are a remote control button so anyone can press it or operate at any time? Do you want to see my body right?.
Do a thing I am sitting in between to this street you can remove all my clothes and do what you like to do, all I am yours? then after you are being enjoyed everything  with me then pass away to someone else who are born as a human, but then act like you (an Evil Mind), you know for me you are a Criminal how just look at your mind and say some something about yourself, you don’t have the answers right?.
You know some criminals are guilty and some are free flying because the power of politics to the colour of money is standing with them and they shows a life of women as a standing toy of the sleeping pillow, You three are drunken and you look like you have done something wrong before, so do you want to hide your mistake or you want to repeat it again? To admit your mistake in front of the people’s on the social media right? or to get arrested for your crime in front of the cop I’m looking into your mind now you’re standing being very guilt at present so don’t you think its right time to admit all the mistake you did in life, because your intention can change at any time, so what you do you want from me now?.
Then after few minutes later they fell on my leg’s and apologize for their mistake, actually the scene is still incomplete because the crowd of the street have surrounded them, how let’s go back to place where such an incident was occurred the place in market. where the different life’s are moving away and every life has a story behind so incident to live media to people’s who are watching and in the crowed people’s there is a team of Report’s with the power of youngster help me when I start recording the live mode on a television broadcasting it’s been Live on every channel, and they there are criminal who raped many people’s by their mind.
“I have faced everything in life
Because I’m a woman, every raped is done in a day or night is an anguish spirit in mind as a sadness, humor stops the life of brilliance for the woman’s, a rope is made to use nor to make a knot on it and use it to attempt suicide..
But nor a respect and love from the people’s who are born as human in the world, I have seen many people’s who will motivate you a lot, but at the end there intention plays a game in mind and use it on a woman…
“Thinking is bug of acting”
For example take an apple..

“An apple is sweet fruit, but when you eat it, then the action relates the molesting scene on a woman the way of crime.
“He was munching the character of lady in mind,
He took a bite out and chewing the mentality of a perceptual object
He breaks away the whole body By thinking process on where he started hunting and threaded at the beginning and at the end he peeled away everything”

P.S (?)… The Story remains as a Question Mark because the answer is with you in your mind and action is in your hand so never please save the Girl child and fight against the crime.
Please respect Women’s.
Thank you

!! Old School Days!!…

!! Old School Days!!…
Waking up in the morning with a curious mind
It is the first day to enter into a new world
Where a different phase will start Among with the different stage to live
Curiosity hyper the feeling
It’s down to travel the road of a decent mind
Rhyming down the first Step in a cruel world
to Craved all the memories made for the ones
to live with it, until the life misses you !….
Turning back to those days in mind
It is the School Day’s life,
when you step forward to walk alone in a beautiful journey, which is left behind without any restriction to live your own world, Where you are alone for a time until the next phase you come out with your own world where you created many miracles. the most Beautiful days of childhood in a most attractive world, is the old School days with a great mesmerized memory is remind Everyday in the most ideal time of life.
If it’s the morning class or the Eve canteen world, Hang out with friends at the break time or to make mischief in the classroom or to be punished with them or to share the best moments with them or to impress the girls kind of Sighting is the best word, this what the school days is all about,
it is our world we create a Day & a time to be remembered till the next day. It was the best time and a great phase of life, will be never forgotten in this life for sure! ..
Old School Day is what you discover everyday by yourself in your own world, if it is to learn by hard or to play for the win.
school days are the best gift of the childhood if you have never experienced before then you haven’t lived your life till yet, it is something that you can’t even imagine!..
My old school days of staring was a very interesting from the Vibrant Culture (Gujarat) to adopt the South Indian life was a difficult task, but
later my school days was the most enjoying and interesting like a movie,
I was a brilliant student & a tag good boy in the classroom but the teacher doesn’t know that behind all the mischief done in the classroom is from my mind. There I learnt what a school life is all about & learn to know
the nature beauty of India is all called about the placed I lived was the most beautiful, Ooty a hill station in the South India..
The word( Anna or Akka) the unique name I have experience with that many traditional which was the beautiful South Indian peoples are humble and helpful too.
The day when I joined there my school, I was in 4th standard it was very new to me, new friends & a new culture to experience.
There they speak Tamil language which was very difficult and most people’s are different with their traditional cloth White Shirt & Lungi it was a very intriguing experience which was never experienced before & never seen to. It was as like a bird forgot the path of the home & by mistakely entered into a new place where he never travelled before but he will stay for the one day to remember for the life!.
life is really great were ever it takes us, it makes a great journey for the time..
My old school days from the first day while entering the classroom to the last day by hugs, crying moments with friends, Were the first day I was feeling very alone, but on the last day I was wondering why I am leaving this place..
This is what My Old school Days are all about!..
what a time it was missing everyday & every moment, which is left behind, but was the best time in the life!..