Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali”. The beauty of the day
The delightful of the day
The charm of the day The decorative of the day
The Divine of the day
The ravishing of the day
The stunning of the day
And the magic of the day is you, your family and your loved ones.
May all your wishes come true, And may all your dreams come true, and may all your love come true,
and may you and your family have a wonderful day & Happy time.
A Candle ends in minutes; Matchstick ends in seconds, But a wish never ends,
Here is my never-ending wish on This Diwali for the glowing year till next time. HAPPY DIWALI.
On this auspicious day of everyone’s life,
I want to wish you & your family, “A Very Happy Diwali”
May this festival Brings
Different lights to your life,
Like the red for love, olive green for peace, purple for prosperity and all other for
happiness, joy, success, wisdom, health
wealth towards the never-ending light.
So wishing you a great and the best “Happy Diwali” “Be like sweet
Burst like Cracker
Shine like Light”. Ty.