In Love…


Happy Holi….

Happy Holi to all my
friends, writer friends & Family.
Holi brings you and your family a very bright, colorful joyful with the love of Peace, happiness, prosperity & success in Everyone’s life.
Stay Red like strength, power, passion, desire, and love.
Stay Blue like trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence.
Stay Yellow like sunshine, hope, and happiness.
And stay in every bright and Vibrant color
Play Safe With true spirit of festivity
Play with herbal colors, not the one
which can affect your skin
And try not to use much water play without water
To save the water and no hooliganism
don’t do such an activity celebrate in a good way
And enjoy every bit of this colorful festival
Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Stay Smiley every day in life
I want to wish you and your family the best
Holi for this time and for every time
Make the best of it and enjoy.
“Happy Holi”.

Living Without You.


About self.

Don’t think too much about me

Else you know what will happen
You will fall in love with me
And then I will tell you that
I am already engaged
With…..”Self”.. hahaha.

Like/ Love..


Happy Valentine’s Day.




Heart in love.


Happy New Year 2018

“Happy New year”….
My Happy New year wish for everyone
Is “Dream, Create And Happiness”.
Dream Big
Create Your Dream and execute to make it
And see then the happiness from your
Happy New year To The World,
in that world to me
in me to my life
In my life to my family, my
friends and my close ones
wishing everyone a prosperous new year,
wishing you better mentally and
physical health this new year,
And lastly, but not least
May this year bring great opportunity
as well you get what you want for
Stay Happy, Stay Positive And Stay You
Work hard, Dream big
Don’t forget to Love, live and laugh.


An Inspiration Life.

Every mom has a different role to play in their home,
So my home who is not a mother but also a superwoman with superlative powers,
She is the best gift of life and without her, I’m nothing cause I love my mom more than anyone in life because she is my friend for forever, my teacher for life and my Idol for my dreams,
She taught me that whatever you do be honest, be humble, be a focus to your goal which is my mantra for life and makes me be a seeker for a dream.
I think this not enough to say more about my mom better to write the story which is Unheard by anyone and untold by me,
It is a story of an inspiring life who is everything to me, my mom,

A few years back In 2004…
When I was born, everyone was so happy and my mom happiness was something else cause I was the first child for my parents and it was also the day when my parents have built his own home by his Hard work, struggle also my mom did the same thing and named on me,
It was the best moments never to forget in life, everything was going well
Later after a year my dad passed away by heart attack and my mom was trying to show that I’m strong but her tears and scream voice says everything I was little child so I could not know what is happening around me, mom use to work and as the day passes the pain heals, my mom and me we both moved on in life
At age of 18, I Started valuing my mom more when I
Heard the inspiration story of mom from my maternal grandmother, how
alonely she nurtured me and how hard time she saw and she worked for me to give every happiness of life,
That day I decided whatever things I am going to do is only for my mom to make her proud and make her happy forever the time.
So I started working hard and studying well to pursue the dreams that I dreamed for me and for my mom,
As the days go on, I was finally on my own feet, I took all the responsibility of home and said mom not to work anymore as your child is there to look at you from now and we lived a very happy life.

My mom was a housewife when my dad was alive
After he passed away she started working in the primary school as well she was a part-time cook at the school restaurant, what she did no one can do so I’m proud of my mom, she is my inspiration, Motivation and my life…

What I learned from Mom Is written below in the poetry I can see the tears in your eyes,
I can see the pain in your heart
I can see the scars on your body,

don’t pretend to be
who you are not
be who you are
and cut off every ache
that makes you to
live life differently and difficulty.