“Happy Independence day.”

Hello to me Hello to you And Hello to my country, who is also my heart that will never go away from love, So Today I, you and we are celebrating our 71th Independence day so this special day of every Indian life, I would like to say as to promise three things that I’m doing Today and to do every day in the life for the betterment of our country.

1. The Mission of Cleanliness (Every Weekend I would go to the streets that usually I travel and survey it to make a team to take a responsibility to take care of our mother land beauty from wages or dirt.

2. Protection of women’s. (Writing more about women’s issues and bringing them to the world and also in a personal way I would see if someone is getting something as a problem which is so hard for her to face, so I will definitely help the particular person and will make her relief. so speak freely to me and to the world don’t hide, the cause of you, we all are happy and cherished.

3. Self Freedom Is what I’m going to do, is taking care of self-bring happiness to my heart and letting away all the things that make a person act abnormal as self Freedom to peace is must so I will be taking care to get free from every thing, That becomes the problematic thing to life. So today we not only got the freedom, but also an independent identity that all we got as an Indian. So I’m proud to be Indian and “Freedom is Not What I Got Freedom is the What I want to Discover. For me and my peoples From love, Care, save for my country India. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE TO EVERY INDIAN AND SALUTE TO MY NATIONAL FLAG TO MY HEART IS MY INDIA. Thank you


Happy Republic Day.



#Happy Republic Day ….
On This Auspicious day of our country Today we are celebrating
68th Republic Day of India, as a citizen & child of this motherland, I vow to thee my country and oath to make this country more beautiful by adoring the duties of a citizen and to contribute in the right direction to protect this country with a step for a race to a humanity, so writing a short letter by expressing my love for my country &
I proud to be an Indian.
Good time to examine who we are and how we got here..
Still the flames & a myth of scents tricolour my heart with the name to remember always the Country India…
To express my beautiful India dedicating a letter to and for real life humans and real life hero of country
who shelter us Everyday, every second, every time and they are the real pride of the nation…..
Never born to die or also called Shelter Shadow of the country.
I am young and my vision towards country are huge for the contribution I believe in working with thinking.🔘
Heroes are many, but inspiration are less as one the name who are the real life hero of our country are Solider…
The Solider is not a name it is a life of an open book with an inspiration page.. There life isn’t even easy to live they protect us and make us to feel a free soaring, as a safest child of a parent, I just want to Salute their braveness & the admirer thing that us inspire and to adore by the bind of a true friendship or brotherhood between soldiers is the best inspiration I have seen, they live with a different tangents more over to fight Against any conditions a problem can be solved by being one as a hand of togetherness they stand up as one to make their bond more strong.
They believe in fighting till the end and their destiny of life is to win or die for country and to make the motherland save in any time, they are an inspiration for everyone in the country because of them we are saved and they are our shelter shadow of life..
A soldier is the pride of the nation they defend the honour of motherland with the life and blood to raise superior to their family and their own self.
The Soldiers are the best in discipline, team spirit and loyalty. I salute them and thank-you is a small word for them who are so worthy to our country, so I respect and salute them from the bottom of the heart…Jai hind.
Happy Republic Day,
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!!!…

– Chirayu😊

Happy Navratri.



“Happy Navaratri to all my instagram friends, family and Penpals.
Navratri is one of my most favorite festival & it is also known by. ”The Beauty of art”.
Navratri is celebrated to worship the various forms of the Mother Divine through prayers, chants, meditation, fasting and other spiritual practices. It is also the time of the year to turn inward and nurture, rejuvenate and replenish our soul.
The long Wait is coming to an end Let’s Charge Up & our Spirit of Togetherness,Spirit of Love & lets celebration begun…
Navaratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. … Women and men performing Garba as men and women usually wear colorful costumes while performing Garba and Dandiya. The girls and the women wear Chaniya Choli, as for Navaratri celebrations….
So I am inviting everyone to be a part of Indian festivals and culture… everyone are most welcomed to India..India is Country of cultural Carnival with different Tradition, different festival, with beauty of joy, beauty of passion, beauty of love , beauty of art & beauty of everything that you have never experienced before… …


– Chirayu😊
(Hello Friends plz do watch this Navratri animation video and share to. it is created by me as a
Young Animator..


​Hello Friends & Happy Ganesha Chaturti to all my friends,Writers, Family.. 

May Lord Ganesha Always keeps blessing, Peace, happiness, joy, prosperity in Every one’s life.. 

and trend to live away a Positive note of thoughts to throw away bad aspects ruined in past life

Be helpful person.. be happy & spread Happiness among others.:).

Today I am writing this note for expressing my Feeling for one my favourite Indian festival, I know it is strange but this is what my excitement is all called about, what you like the most express do it by Writing or by enjoying it as I am doing now by writing this Note for my Bappa to the next few days I will be a greatest, happiest person at My favorite festival which is at present in my Home

Now I am feeling more excited for Craziness waiting at my home ha-ha.

The long Wait is coming to an end Let’s Charge Up our Spirit of Togetherness, Spirit of Love… 

Welcome Ganapati Bappa Morya… 

Ganesh Chaturthi, one the great Indian Festival & Ganesha Chaturthi is one of the major festivals celebrated in India with great enthusiasm and devotion. The festival marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha; the Lord of knowledge, wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. The festival is also known as Vinayak  Chaturthi  or Vinayak Chavithi. Lord Ganesha Yipee, I am So excited for welcoming and for celebration and rituals..

I am inviting everyone to be part of Indian festivals and culture, everyone is most welcome to India.. India is a Country of Carnival with different Tradition, different culture, with beauty of joy, beauty of passion, beauty of love, beauty of everything that you will experience here in India, come once and get yours new experience of life… 

This pic is the first look of my Lord Ganesha came today at home with a devotion bag of happiness and faith positivity in life

 Thank-you.. :)… 

                                                                                                               – Chirayu:)

Rio 2016 – Message from an Indian Fan..

​”Show your talent to the world 

Fight till the last minute

Make it, to believe in the game

Don’t lose the spirit in between,

It’s your hard-work, live with it

Come-on India,

Don’t worry, We are with you behind, to support you, 

to encourage you, to salute you,To boot you in Every second of the game

Just do it, go for it. Chak De India!.

All the Best wishes for the Rio2016 to all the players.

Be positive and Believe in yourself..


An Indian.