Who are you?

Who are you
Who am I
Who are the rest of the world
Who knows
I, you and everyone
are just a different
characters that has its
own role to Perform In
everyone’s life.



!! House of Cards!!..

Life Takes us to the unexpected places
Which is a Wanderlust World, the thing is to desire in strong manner! So Let’s us make a new, unexpected place which is known as the House of Cards the traveler can get busy, Love of creating is to build your Home.
Learning from Childhood days, that is to build your home is to earn the way of money to create your own dream world, which can take a long time to build, but today I am Traveling in a different world where Each Card will create a unique
Magical bricks to build up my dream home,
Which can bind my life in
The Dream that I dreamed at Night, Which takes
all of my imagination
And Thinking in a quest world.
while sleeping my mind takes me to another world, where I created my dream house into the real life
As I want to experience in Live & to live with that time.
So WALKING in the path of an artificial world
to make it as a real TIME,
A house of cards
On the plane Marble tiles
It started to build my house of cards
On the side corner of marbled floor
A troop of ant was travelling from inside
The triangle shape card on the first layer
My instincts says it is a good sign
Before starting a good work
Leveling each card on the crease
curse eyes on the hand of a card
Breath switches off for a second
Due to a small breezes travel up on the roof
But the castle stands with the unity
Now the house builds the first floor
that contained the rooms.
Every card picked a member
to the create my House of card
By this what I learned is each card describe
“Your dream importance, It is not a card it is the way to create the house which is the way to create the life.
If you can dream than you can achieve anything in life!..

– Chirayu…