Happy Father’s Day



Hello friends,
It’s great to be here again to write and to share the feelings from inside the heart to pour outside through the ink,
Today this letter is for someone special in my life
He is my idol, my inspiration, my greatest friend, and More than the word everything for me, this letter is to him.
My Life – My Father
This letter is on the special occasion of the Father’s day it is celebrated in the world and on special occasions of my father birthday,
I hope dad you will like this letter, this is from my heart, How I love you I tried to describe everything, hope It’s going to reach your heart.
I can’t describe about you dad, you are my hero
And to be known to the world I have written a short poetry for you!..
My father is my life
My father is my love
My Father is my Shadow…
My Father is my Role model..
My Father is my Inspiration..
My Father is my Idol..
My Father is my best friend…
My Father is everything for me..
Today what I am is because of my Dad, for me my Father is everything..
My father is an inspiring person and the life of my Dad is very inspiring, I salute the hard-work, struggle what he did was indescribable, More than the much is less than the time of Enjoying the life, because of his struggle and hardworking, he is a successful person and I have learned many things from him, his passion for work is something that the person cannot even imagine, he believe to work on today and in implementing it with the running Time and that’s why he is a successful person, he suffered a lot in the life, but he never regretted to anyone he knows past was the past world, it won’t retain again, life is to walk forward not to look behind it’s a secret key to be successful life, an Inspiration is to walk in a worse path to make it successful the word in Live and bring the future with a great pleasure. so he is my role model too .
My Father, My Mother and brother are the best gift of my life, I don’t need anything in life, they are happy then I’m happy, my life is a great time with them..
So dad on this special day I want to thank you from the bottom of my Heart,
You gave me more freedom you gave me that all I needed that will be unforgettable for the life Dad.
Wish You a Happy birthday to the best father you are ever for now & forever.
I remember everything your thoughts are my principles and
The days are going great with you!..
You are my inspiration and everything in my life..
I can’t buy a gift for you till my end of life and further of time because the amount of love and everything that you have given to me is out of the world, but I will give you everything that’s my promise.
The dreamed that you dream Is my dream for your life I have a gift for you and in future I will make it possible in reality and this is my promise to you.
This year and every year I will give you happiness and make you proud and every day your smile will be brighter than the word bright,
So Happy Father’s day to you, it’s party time dad, let’s rock the floor, love you and hats off for everything that you did for me.

Dad, thank you once again for everything, thank you, word will never measure the love you have given to me.

-Chirayu!. (from a Lil Son of Lil Heart)