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Music Lover (Me)


The Rip “Chester Bennington” 

(Musical Singer, Magician, Songwriter & LP Star Forever)

When someone goes away

Without telling you anything,

it remains a complete mystery with the life and when the life already made his magic on you,

it makes you say that

I don’t want to miss anything about the life,

It’s all about a life and their Peeps.

“I don’t know what was the complete reason behind, but today the musical world, even

Every single peep who are so close 

Has lost, a great human and the best life, the magicial singer of a musical era.

The one, who we love and our heart will beat the name forever, to the best man.

We lost him.


Devastating news and can’t even think of it, such a thing can happen really sad, very painful and tearful too.

May the soul rest in peace and all the condolences to the entire family of Linkin Park.

“You are one, you will be one and no will be one like you “most iconic and echoic man of vocal generation.”

    “Rip Chester”.

Will miss you forever.


 (Your Indian Fan forever)

Request to everyone is 

Please talk to people around you, about all your problems or anything that harms you within, don’t leave self alone just stay speak up,

 stay free from the mind and stay calm.

don’t take anything seriously, stay happy and positive.

Life is important.