Monday Motivation..

Once I was Rejected

Couple of times, I was called a Failure

Thrice, I was Ignored by all

The fourth time, I was lost because no one cares about me

The fifth time, I decided to leave away everything.

The sixth time, I was gone unnoticed by them who I loved the most,

The seventh time, I was devastated and from within, completely broken & hurtful by them who made me helpless.

The eighth time, I was giving up on the phase of time, even thinking nothing else is left in me to do so to quit my role from the movie called life

Ninth time, I was defeated from inside out and got depressed.

The tenth time,  I decided to die as to quit the life, I thought suicide will be the right choice as the last option left to try from self to self.

At last “I thought if I have not died in the first attempt then what happens next, does life wants me to struggle and effort more, to give me a result as reward according to my hard work on one day,

so why should I choice the way which has many attempts better to start again, fight again and wait for the result that decides my success…

And then

Hard Work, Dedication results Success.


Propose Day

“Propose day”
I sit down to my feet
With a ring in the box
Waiting waiting and waiting for her
To say it was not said for a long time we have been two till yesterday, but today I want you to be the one for the life
And even to look me and I look to you
Every day, every night , every time until you have been mine, my day and I see you though the gaze of sunshine and praise you till the moonshine….
I love you with a condition to give you all the happiness for the whole life and I can bow down to your feet to say and embrace to show my feeling,
By saying
“Will you marry me, and to oath you
By a permanent heart owner of mine to open ” lifetime windows of the life”..

Thank you…

Happy Chocolate Day



” Happy Chocolate Day”

Will you be my wrapper?
“Of Course, delightful to be,
I want you to be my dark knight
Nevertheless, perhaps let’s exchange each other favourite chocolate to keep with ourself and live with it until the day keeps calling each others name through this wrapper and make us feel the taste of tenderness to moreover a sweetened kiss when the chocolate floats in your mouth, it will whisper me through you with your sweet lips to say ” how my heart feels, how I like you and despite to love you not only on a day day but also on this day. (Valentine week)..
how can I miss you.
Wish you a happy chocolate day.


Festivals of India

“Festival Time”.
Wish you a happy time through the festivals of India includes every single carnival that we are living from time to time & life to life , for today it my few favourite celebrated festivals and what I have experienced through my era,
Is Pongal or the harvest festival in south as well new year for Tamilian, Lohri in North it is like a bonfire to burn away past burden and start with a new time, Uttrayan in the west which I’m going to denote in my style.
Because it is one of my favourite festival.
“Kai po che”

Three different words stand for
One slogan to yell after cutting one another “kites” it is “I have cut” which refers in an Indian festival a Makar Sankranti (known as Uttarayan in Gujarat) where one of the competitors uses his kite to cut off the others competitors kite and yells “Kai PO Che.. This is one my favorite and Gujarat’s the most and most divine beauty of the cloud is seen in the festival you have to see once in life.
Kite festival in another word
To soar with strong threads on the cloud and make it to your height of it, every festival is beauty behold, behind became on it

The Festival is all about the celebration

The Celebration is all about the happiness

Happiness is all about the family & Friend

Family is all about the life
Life is all about the time that’s exceeding in every min
So life favour to them who love without conditions, live without fear and make without a plan

So fly like a kite and go away like a thread which soothe you to think where every is based on the life…

Thank you

“Degraded Incident of Life”

“Degraded Incident of Life”1466178200828.jpg (Life is unpredictable “Anything can happen to anyone at any Time)
Removing the dust from a purple scarf was the last souvenir of Mom’s gift to me
It’s a blessing worn for the whole time
Waking every day with this and sleeping by holding it very tight as a child for a Mother,
Paused time running on when Mom gone to the Godly home, but she is still with me in this purple scarf,
Missing everyday is missing the days and night
Everything went like the wave of water Life looks blur at the same time,
Tomorrow life will take a new diversion in the boarding school
Never left alone, but conditions fell down to live away for a new life,
Getting ready for the first day of new life
Flourish wind gust the way of a haunt roar passes away with the pain of catalyst,
The Degraded incident occurred in the library
Three miscreant boys trapped me in the Library
Closed the stopper of the door
And a voice of harsh blew when they snitched my scarf and humiliated to abuse me, my mind was distracted,
I was frightened after the door was closed, but later a voice of taught, listened into my ear it was my mom voice opened by the thought she taught me in childhood than my mind I stood up to storming voice & trembled them into the hell
My Mom taught me to give the action when something wrong occurs to you
Humiliated for once, but then killed the burst by their mind to soar their Action to roast them with a reward,
And at the end they fell on leg to leave them for the life & admitted the mistake in front the school
Punished them for the curious incident & memories nourished everything at the time goes on… So Don’t hide yourself, because life has two ways to live
A blame clause or A brave Stone!..
Keep your head up it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl, the world is made by everyone..
Thank-you -Chirayu!..