17 words for loving hearts


Monday Motivation..

Once I was Rejected

Couple of times, I was called a Failure

Thrice, I was Ignored by all

The fourth time, I was lost because no one cares about me

The fifth time, I decided to leave away everything.

The sixth time, I was gone unnoticed by them who I loved the most,

The seventh time, I was devastated and from within, completely broken & hurtful by them who made me helpless.

The eighth time, I was giving up on the phase of time, even thinking nothing else is left in me to do so to quit my role from the movie called life

Ninth time, I was defeated from inside out and got depressed.

The tenth time,  I decided to die as to quit the life, I thought suicide will be the right choice as the last option left to try from self to self.

At last “I thought if I have not died in the first attempt then what happens next, does life wants me to struggle and effort more, to give me a result as reward according to my hard work on one day,

so why should I choice the way which has many attempts better to start again, fight again and wait for the result that decides my success…

And then

Hard Work, Dedication results Success.

Happy Father’s Day



Hello friends,
It’s great to be here again to write and to share the feelings from inside the heart to pour outside through the ink,
Today this letter is for someone special in my life
He is my idol, my inspiration, my greatest friend, and More than the word everything for me, this letter is to him.
My Life – My Father
This letter is on the special occasion of the Father’s day it is celebrated in the world and on special occasions of my father birthday,
I hope dad you will like this letter, this is from my heart, How I love you I tried to describe everything, hope It’s going to reach your heart.
I can’t describe about you dad, you are my hero
And to be known to the world I have written a short poetry for you!..
My father is my life
My father is my love
My Father is my Shadow…
My Father is my Role model..
My Father is my Inspiration..
My Father is my Idol..
My Father is my best friend…
My Father is everything for me..
Today what I am is because of my Dad, for me my Father is everything..
My father is an inspiring person and the life of my Dad is very inspiring, I salute the hard-work, struggle what he did was indescribable, More than the much is less than the time of Enjoying the life, because of his struggle and hardworking, he is a successful person and I have learned many things from him, his passion for work is something that the person cannot even imagine, he believe to work on today and in implementing it with the running Time and that’s why he is a successful person, he suffered a lot in the life, but he never regretted to anyone he knows past was the past world, it won’t retain again, life is to walk forward not to look behind it’s a secret key to be successful life, an Inspiration is to walk in a worse path to make it successful the word in Live and bring the future with a great pleasure. so he is my role model too .
My Father, My Mother and brother are the best gift of my life, I don’t need anything in life, they are happy then I’m happy, my life is a great time with them..
So dad on this special day I want to thank you from the bottom of my Heart,
You gave me more freedom you gave me that all I needed that will be unforgettable for the life Dad.
Wish You a Happy birthday to the best father you are ever for now & forever.
I remember everything your thoughts are my principles and
The days are going great with you!..
You are my inspiration and everything in my life..
I can’t buy a gift for you till my end of life and further of time because the amount of love and everything that you have given to me is out of the world, but I will give you everything that’s my promise.
The dreamed that you dream Is my dream for your life I have a gift for you and in future I will make it possible in reality and this is my promise to you.
This year and every year I will give you happiness and make you proud and every day your smile will be brighter than the word bright,
So Happy Father’s day to you, it’s party time dad, let’s rock the floor, love you and hats off for everything that you did for me.

Dad, thank you once again for everything, thank you, word will never measure the love you have given to me.

-Chirayu!. (from a Lil Son of Lil Heart)

“Blind Eyes”.

“Blind eyes”
Again the ethics often rhythms
Piercing off the days of incomplete love
Again the memory drifts paddle back
In Metaphors of life
Searching you in mind
My soul started a tune
For the Love is to be back
to quenching the brightest visual in front of me
Is the whole story of life
From the first rose till the last blood on the accident side
Promised you to live the whole life
By taking your hands in my hand
And to walk somewhere where the love will never die
Soaring with you in a different world
Where you & I create a small world for one another
To care the world love Inside the heart,
Today, My heart is broken down into many pieces
Gathering every piece by playing the note of love in
Piano to rhyme you in my life
The Fragrance of your beauty is still alive
In every drop of rain shatter down
With choas of madness
Missing you everyday in the life too
mesmerized with sadness of the time
You are my one and only one for my life
Binds departed you from me which was a
bite survived everyday is a new note which was left behind
In our love story which made me blind today in waiting for you for the whole life…
The Piano is that magical instrument where footsteps are a traveling Wave with the same split of pain some remain as lovable as the drop of rain for dancing couples!..
Life is writing a new story everyday by thinking you for all the day to remember you for a whole life.


“Marriage is the cage of life ” (Until the love Dies)

“Marriage is the cage of life ” (Until the love Dies)
The word marriage defines the two beautiful hearts to meet in one love junction to start a new journey to experience the whole philosophy of marriage! one particular soul or joint to make it as one as a marriage some marriage is manageable but some are destructive due the misunderstanding, here the topic is marriage is the cage of life are preservative scene of a Fiction mind to decay the problem and nature of being caged as a Women’s for the marriage life!.
Reading the newspaper with a cup of tea
He was in a good mood until he finds a problem in her daughter’s life as he is getting married soon but when he read
First paragraph of newspaper describes the crime on women marriage life
The Second news relates the same things
On the third it’s decided the mind to decode the problem of Women’s life,
So Mr. Sharma went to the police station as the identity of the reporter to meet the criminal face to know there mind
Monk’s are hidden from view of dirty things
Criminal on the locker room sleeping with a tearing sound
Mr. Sharma knocked the wall and asked him to wake up
The criminal stood up wiping off the tears with a guilt mask on the face
Mr. Sharma asked him why you here and why your mind taken the step up to harm your wife
Criminal replied it’s been my mistake to harm my wife,
I doubted on her on the character and plunked as a wasteful thing she was a wasted time more than a girl she was interested in my money as I thought before the marriage the life looks so amazing, but after that a dry leaf of the brightest plant it was my behavior to treat her as a cage bird, I am happy to be here for all of my punishment which was undergone. Mr. Sharma replied if you know that it was your mistake, then why can’t you admit it and to fill in your wife life a beautiful, happy time, being a criminal you are insulting the word marriage, it’s the most beautiful binds of two people’s where the love is matter, nor the humiliation child, you are very grateful that you have your wife to live with your journey I am the one who loved my wife a lot more than no one in this world not a single tears fells from her eyes just made the happiness on her face & filled with joy in life but, life is a disgrace to me everytime disappointed with a new problem I can fight with whole world by taken the hand of my wife she was the most beautiful woman and princess of my life.
Criminal boy replied than what happened uncle is the aunty is fine as you told she was so beautiful Aunty is not here?.
Mr. Sharma replied with a tearful eyes,
my life ended when she dies suffering from cancer, she haven’t showed any kind of pain on her face on the final day when she was shouting my heart bite started running very slow and my time stopped when her eyes closed for the whole life, today I am living only for my daughter until she get married this life is for her and after that the journey is to rewind again from the first meet till last pose on Titanic ship the memories of love which was spent with aunty is to bring it out to essence the whole life with the marriage, so a child as advice please start a new life along with your wife!..
Criminal person replied after listening your story uncle,
I will leave Everything in the past and I promise to a start new life only for my wife to show her what is love & to experience every moment with grateful of life!.. thank-you uncle for opening my eyes and to close the criminal mind!.. Marriage is the eight important words which needed to be experience step by step once for the life!.
More than a husband be a friend for your wife and bring happiness and smiles always not a tear to fall from her eyes!..



!! Orphanage !!..

!! Orphanage !!..
Stepping out from the cave to walk the first step of life
Tearing with a pain for being alone in a Kindle lite
Sitting in a place with a toy in the hand
Thinking of that day why I bother to this Life as a knocking Narrow mind of the unknown world
Where I live a short life of a pretending time
Birth was given by someone, but left alone to face the crowdy World
Was this made my life an orphan since the age
Still, there are many questions inhaled with a conspiracy
Living alone is a like a heavy rain everywhere just a small drainage is dried from the born age,
Likewise, Today may the orphanage is a home of mine, but life is incomplete without you my family,
I miss you
I miss you
Dad……………. until I meet you once!..
Please don’t leave me alone in small little age !…

(P.S. Orphanage is not a word it is a life to live with many different phases, Don’t leave them alone!!. They are your precious pieces of life!…)

!! Rape !!..

!! Rape”. ( the last page of humanity)…
Hello to everyone, who are reading this post I have a genuine request to everyone is please Respect each & every woman’s of the world, there are the flying birds please don’t catch them in a cage of religion mark or don’t tie them in your negative mind, please think Always good for them keep your intention good while talking to a Girl, mother or someone to whom you respect & love a lot because writing this post is a tearful waves of sound hears in mind by a painful expression and I am really very emotional and angry while seeing such a disgusting things daily in our country!.. what happened to the country, why human mind becomes an evil one, why the Beautiful flower is suffering from acid attack why?, the word will remains why? Because the answer is always with us, but we never take an action because who are they right, they (Victims) are the Peace of our world & brightest star of our life.
Thinking is the answer of being, what you are?, it scares you to help someone who have been suffered terribly or a victim so please be a “We” of life We” if we can stand for freedom
If We can stand for the rights
Than We can stand to stop the criminal minds
We can stand to stop Crime or violence on women’s and keep all the women’s and girls safe in this world..
Every woman is Our sister, mother & more than the land you are standing is because of them so please never hurt them by the action and by criminal Mind, be a helpful person without any bad intention behind & more than that be a good Friend this what life is all called about,
A Small letter from a daughter to her mother.
Hello, Maa
This is your daughter
Never expressed my inner exception stack trace of
A harsh life is as the paper being punished for an abused ink
You have taught me everything in life
But why you haven’t taught me to fight against the rapist minds
I am in a depth water, surviving till the last Breath
With no flying wings to find my dream world again
I have lost somewhere in a disgusting, inhuman world,
I can’t walk through the dreams of Eyes
I am scared to raise my voice in the world
I am trapped in an exhaust humanity world & treated as an brutal coral every day, Every second
My dreams have been fired today and my skin is burning Maa,
They have peeled off my life
As a page of the book being Scribbled by torturing mode
Smelling a Graveless mind sprinkle lied
What is the problem Maa, because I am a girl that’s a problem My friend is being raped yesterday what was her mistake as she is wearing a short clothes, she Being molested & she still fights for the life what happened me to this world why they are doing this?.. I am dieing every second I please catch my hand again Maa
Lift me for the live show me the beauty of the life I have my own dreamworld to live please Maa come soon!.. Waiting for you till my eyes clause for a harmed mind corrupted a Devil Masked !..
(PS. The letter is written for a Maa, but take that word Maa as by you or imagine it as you, think it once to help ever not to hurt never!.. how the victims suffered with such a situation think to blink your starter of mind today there is a chance, nor will be a second chance to prove that you are the human of life!..)..
– Chirayu!..

!!.Old, Dusty Books!..

Hello it’s, me Another old Dusty Book
Which Was trapped by thoughts which is hidden for some many years in different pages of my Dusty Dirty mark, it made me new to old as
I know I am getting old, but I was young yesterday with a new dress as the beautiful cover page to read my charming light to shine the whole world of a reader mind, but today No one reads me, why because I am getting old I thought books doesn’t have any age, but I was wrong, we are the one who die so early within a week by inconspicuous or a day as we were not taken proper care or concern by anyone to care, that’s why we are getting old and the Dirty dust makes their home on us and to live their life until it was thrown outside of the home.
This is what I was treated in my life till yesterday,
But today someone opened me & my other friend from the bookshelves and cleaned all the dust from us.
Then I questioned him why are you cleaning us ?. He told Books is something which cannot lives you alone, until you leave them alone.. the life of mine what I learnt everyday from you all is Me,
You made me realize what is the beautiful life is all called about
My life was a suffering pin shuffling everyday with a new problem and no one was there to stand with me, when I was in mindless world to the disgrace time, you all helped me from that particular phase, after reading many kind of books my Imagination & creativity broad my mind with many great expression to live a normal person’s life. So life is knowing by your world & you will be always old to be called as Gold!… So I have written a poetry of my life with you in my mind so I want to write my poetry in the backside of your old dusty page!….

WALKING WITH Old, Dusty Books…..
Life is began to change
Days to delight
I am almost here
In the world of unpredictable time
Bringing the light to change my life
Nights to the star
walking with a Dream
Eternal feelings,
Lift me higher and higher,
From all star beings
Underneath the whisper of glorious wind..
The words, can’t stop talking inside you
When we are turning a page
It Feels the growth of the strength marked on a moral way
Cause you keep Rising
Like the day ends
and night arise
Back through the years
Back to the star
I am all yours
You are my life!….
!! Thank-you !!

“Dream of love”- A Short fairy tale!!….

….Dream of love!! A Short fairy tale!!….
Until my heart trapped Today
My soul phases for you !…
Is it all that I am suffering now,
Phobia of love shimmered
my heart with the name of her
who hide me every time to turn a magical Night..
Her Blue Eyes painted a beautiful
fragrance of a Red rose
Cold chilled breezes in mind,
heart burns to speak out the
three magical words,
but the time holds me,
to think again, to live again, to fall again,
to love again from the first sight!!..

I waited for a correct time
Those nights mild me to think
You are Everything about my life
Young forever continue to be
a mile colored of an addiction
when does the time happen
when we wish something happens…
I closed my eyes With Yours loving hands!
And how quiet the pain
Well ‘lay no sleep wave
As the last stroke stirs,
Fullest you my whole heart.

I left you tonight in my heart
to meet you again in a new life
with a new fairy tale!….
Love is what you cannot visualise
it tear out with the name of her
For not perceiving the moment held with her
just a dream that carry my fairy-tale for the time……….
“kiss me to rescue my life again with the lips to say goodbye”.
– Chirayu..