“Happy Independence day.”

Hello to me Hello to you And Hello to my country, who is also my heart that will never go away from love, So Today I, you and we are celebrating our 71th Independence day so this special day of every Indian life, I would like to say as to promise three things that I’m doing Today and to do every day in the life for the betterment of our country.

1. The Mission of Cleanliness (Every Weekend I would go to the streets that usually I travel and survey it to make a team to take a responsibility to take care of our mother land beauty from wages or dirt.

2. Protection of women’s. (Writing more about women’s issues and bringing them to the world and also in a personal way I would see if someone is getting something as a problem which is so hard for her to face, so I will definitely help the particular person and will make her relief. so speak freely to me and to the world don’t hide, the cause of you, we all are happy and cherished.

3. Self Freedom Is what I’m going to do, is taking care of self-bring happiness to my heart and letting away all the things that make a person act abnormal as self Freedom to peace is must so I will be taking care to get free from every thing, That becomes the problematic thing to life. So today we not only got the freedom, but also an independent identity that all we got as an Indian. So I’m proud to be Indian and “Freedom is Not What I Got Freedom is the What I want to Discover. For me and my peoples From love, Care, save for my country India. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE TO EVERY INDIAN AND SALUTE TO MY NATIONAL FLAG TO MY HEART IS MY INDIA. Thank you


One Day.

One day I will lift up the success that I have seen through the closed eyes of night. One day I will meet the love that I have seen through the open and close eyes by day and night. One day I will be changing up the thinking that I have seen through my eyes to open up for them who have closed it for the time. if this three milestone, I have achieved in life, then what else I want, just nothing.


Happy Friendship Day.

To “one”& to all Happy Friendship Day”

The day when we all look for, to thank the one, who is being the best person in every aspect of life, the one who sees with us, the most dark to bright shadows of life, the one who stands with us like a strong pillar and make us to feel like there is someone with me who will look for me, who will care for me and love for me, the one who makes us happy and joy, in the company of that one, a person can never feel alone as it will make us special and also cherish us Everytime, so the one name is enough for us to say it loud out and also to the smile on the face, if they are not with us, it’s felt that life is moving in a silent path but with them, we are never off to chill out, and to the most trusted bonded thread live, so on this friendship day, let’s celebrate the day with Friends to celebrate there importance to our Life, live with them in the bind of “Best Friend Forever”. I have made many friends here and this friendship is precious to me so in my life my Friends will be always a Best Friend Forever To my friends, I love you all and respect you much, you all are the great humans of your life & soul too, friends are many but some are great as you all. Thank-you everyone who is with me and supported me, encouraged me, inspired me and understand me in every time, without you, I wouldn’t found the mirror like you all who never lies to me. Always being the true meaning of a friend, So thank-you everyone, this friendship will be alive till the next birth of the life. Love you all.