Happy Thanksgiving Day.

“To You”

(My Thanksgiving Greeting Card)

Happy Thanksgiving To All My Beautiful Friends,

This is for you made by me and only for you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Stay Happy and smiling

I am Always there for you just call me I will be there and God is always there to look at you so don’t worry about anything just work hard and your Thanksgiving gift will be your passion towards work

Dream big to write a great script of life,

Be you and be happy..

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Happy Diwali.

“Happy Diwali”. The beauty of the day The delightful of the day The charm of the day The decorative of the day The Divine of the day The ravishing of the day The stunning of the day And the magic of the day Is you, your family and your loved ones. May all your wishes come true, And may all your dreams come true, and may all your love come true,
and may you and your family have a wonderful day & Happy time. A Candle ends in minutes; Matchstick ends in seconds, But a wish never ends,
Here is my never ending wish on This Diwali for the glowing year till next time. HAPPY DIWALI.
On this auspicious day of everyone’s life,
I want to wish you & your family, “A Very Happy Diwali”
May this festival Brings
Different lights to your life,
Like the red for love, olive green for peace, purple for prosperity and all other for happiness, joy, success, wisdom, health wealth towards the never ending light.
So wishing you a great and the best “Happy Diwali”

“World (We) Against Terrorism”.

World (We) Against
Human needs
love, peace, and freedom
But terrorism is opposite to it,
Because they are not human
They are the real losers of life
They don’t know what they are doing,
But we, every human is “One”
against anything wrong,
We, the Human, has
A love between each other after war,
A peace after watching the horrific
A freedom after the darkest day,
So we are never going to be weak,
it is a tough time now,
but we all are one,
so I pray for the people’s of Las
Vegas and I’m with them and my
prayers and thoughts are with them.
Red “Is the Color of love And Peace and ribbon for being “One”


“Slut” (I’m a man but I’m speaking the voice of you (Who can say anything but feeling sad as alone at some stages, so
when someone looks to you in a bad way it hurts, so take care as don’t worry about anyone, be what you are and don’t care for anyone, it is your life, live by your own creation).

Who Am I
A Slut to your mind
if so then it’s fine
not me nor my clothes
can change your mind status
the one who looks
“A Girl or a woman by this sight
I just want to say
“I am not a slut but your mind is,
because it defines how coward you are
Mr. Patient
get well soon.
else karma is waiting to punish for your sin
that comes from thinking the action of the mind.