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“About Alone”

Mainly Everyone has someone in their life,
But those as some
who don’t have are still alone,
Don’t worry,
Do not worry,
Someone special, surprisingly someday will enter into your life to never make you feel alone and never leave you alone it is the fact of loneliness
You can’t be alone for a long time,
It is just for a particular time
when you will be alone, but not for the life so
“No life ends alone.”


Love and Darkness

The one you love the more
The one you trust the more

The one you care the more

The one you praise the more

The one you respect the more

The one you like the more

The one you embrace the more

The one you communicate the more

That one, 

even if she is far away from your life or rifts in between,

your love Feelings and thoughts will be never die, 

it is a permanent mark in your heart for her to the whole soul reflects inside you at every second of time, if it dark or bright, you are 

never going to forget her in life.

If you are dark towards your love, you can be able to see another shadow that tells you how

You look like, away from her away from the happiness and joy you feel

with her,

even every second itches 

you and makes to act differently, even insanely and in that period you can addicted by bad things or might you will find to take a revenge,
But I suggest you 

Don’t keep any dirt in your heart not for her not for anyone, if then

The Moon can live in

The Darkest sight of the night, then why not you, life is not the end in the Darkness of love, it is just a lesson you shouldn’t know 

If you love someone greatly,
then prepare for this, it is a rule of love, 

Life must go on

Recall the past, 

Rebuild the present 


Refine the future

By Love, love & love.

” The Simplest word. “Alone”

Turning back to those days in the past
Where My Childhood Days were a Crumpled
As a Rough paper of Scrubbing book.
A Person who is born with the simplicity, but the world exploded,
the inner exception change at the same time
things look weird until it’s been cleaned as a way,
People used me everyday
Because I am an innocent soul with the tag Crying bull
My life was on the road of a mental torture chamber every day
Some Where in the boarding school,
Boys torches me by their evilness,
And girls play with my feelings and laughs at me
No one is my friend I am alone in this world
With innocent nature, to the feel of aloneness
but I know how to live the life as simple as the Simplest word
“Alone for today, but later someone will join
my journey of life, to live forever
till the next time!!…