My entry for Patients Have Power Writing Contest 

(This piece has been entered in the Patients Have Power Writing Contest run by Clara Health designed to raise awareness about clinical trials. I am passionate about this cause and hope it will help raise much needed awareness about the power of breakthrough research)

My entry:

Let us start to know what is the clinical trial?
Is risky or SaSaf
Clinical trials “to study the effects of the new medical practices, which include vaccines, medicines, dietary substitutes, dietary supplements, medical devices, biomedicine etc., developed through research. The research is done. “Clinical testing provides better data regarding the safety and efficiency of new methods.
“It is to find before to found” it is a research that goes on with so many tests and then the medicines get found, but yes
It is necessary to take permission from health agencies and other competent agencies for clinical trials in a particular place, these agencies initially allow the study of voluntary on small groups of patients and every clinical investigator is required to monitor and make sure that every participant is safe an

d allows

further progressive large-scale comparative studies.
Actually what medicines we are getting to get fine has a few trials from where it goes through and then at the end it comes and then its result decides whether to keep it or not as to get a degree we need to give exams and follow the whole process likewise in the medical field those trails are clinical,
Trial beginning to end process is so lengthy because it is tested on so many things from animal to human when it gets certified.
Raise awareness about the importance of clinical trials:
As we know what is the main wealth of a life it is the health and if our health is not fine then there is no value it is complete zero so
We need to do some campaign or to do something by self an individual for health awareness by showing the patients what the clinical trial participation plays an important role in their life and tell to enroll as soon as possible to go in deep study of clinical research
We can’t play with our own lives and we should not do with someone else what we know, we should make others know if our world can celebrate
Health day but what has the world has not seen we need to bring it that up like clinical trials which are very important part of a medical field
Let us see the benefits of a clinical trial:
1. Every disease has a treatment to get a cure and that treatment is beneficial to all and this treatment is found with the help of clinical trial.
2. It is an effective role to play in healthcare
3. With time better treatment comes for the health problems in the


This is the benefits you get and others too,
There are four outcomes from the clinical trial
1. Positive trial
2. Negative trial
3. Non-inferior trial
4. Inconclusive trial.
This are the four trail.
I Drugged you today,
A flame burnt out from within
It Made a ring, inhaled in the whole body by thinking it will end, my sadness of life, the end trauma by breathing it,
I’m dying now but then I got the treatment to fight anything that was found in the clincial research of my life.
“Spread awareness of clinical trial now”

(This are

My thoughts and experiences on clinical trials to help raise awareness around the importance of clinical trials and empower patients with the knowledge they need to make informed treatment decisions).


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