“Happy Thanksgiving Day”.

“Happy Thanksgiving Day”.
My World of imagination & Work of Perfection never lies to Gratitude some of the lovely & the greatest peoples of my life and by this letter I just want to thanks them but in a different way. This day is something that a person wait for a long time, a valuable time to spend on them who has been the most supportive & guardian shield of life, more than to say, it’s better to give them a big hug, a hug of love, bind & oath of living..
With that a whispering Thanksgiving through the ears to say “Thanks for everything, thanks for being a true man or woman & writer in every step of my writing life, Your recognition throughout the year made me to ignites the range of my work & my visual thoughts towards the life, without you my life wouldn’t be clear as you showed it to me , my friend, my love and my well wisher, Thanksgiving is only matter of day but importance of time on this day I have a special gesture to do for you all by making a cake to be named for my best buddies & sweet piece of my writing home,
Thank-you from the bottom of my heart Thank-you for everything that you did for me &
“Gratitude” word is an expression for thankfulness & to be grateful for others, Thank-you is also a ” word” to melt or mold a particular memories into magnificent frames of life.
Gratitude is a strength & the pillar for a better life & Nothing new can come in the life, unless you are grateful for what u have already done, Gratitude is that word were the appreciation remains with u forever just appreciate it than you can mark out yours dreams in a positive way of life.
Life is a Grateful gift to us we just need to make it as a Gratitude by thoughts so,
Happy thanksgiving day to all my beautiful friends & I hope you all have a great time today with friends and family I hope everyone feast like kings. live,love & Spread Happiness forever.


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