“Trust ”
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“Baby, do you trust me?
No, you are a liar, you have betrayed me again, remembered the last time I left you by saying and rendering the real humor of a trust and trusting was an error to me, I forgot every human, every life & every time is not the same, you can be real, but the mirror who was showing your negative sight and by the first and last time I seen you many times deluded me & many lives so this time you are a guilty coward and your punishment, “broken fake love is no more”
my friend or my beloved past life.
I trust myself easily,
then to trust someone Hardly.
Some partnership is made by trusting each other, but it doesn’t matter how long you go with it or by playful in relationship by trusting each other someday your mind arises the question and rest blinded love will be breaking thread which can depart at any time will consequence life so trust is very demanding & describing word which has some special matter to take away the place you have been an unforgettable string in life.
If you are a tranquil soul, then you will be trustful personality you can trust anybody easily,
The most difficult error I found through the trust is a personality disorder which effect’s working status into a tragedy dogma or sometimes it’s been compassed, like a remote Button of two real & reel character all are seen in many cases and that kind of people’s are known Judgmental.
“Trust as a negative cause.

T: Tolerance
R: Relive “For”
U: Un
S: said
T: Torment.

-Chirayu *********************************


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