My Halloween Party.

img_20161031_202349“Theme for Halloween”.
“Bold is a cold of night
Hold to fold for the time,
It’s Autumn season
Plays Halloween tonight
To bright your theme for all that might”.
There is a day where I rule at night,
no matter how we plan to bring all faces to realistic
Which Are waiting to clinch you inside out for a whole night.
Welcome to my Scary Halloween Party Night:

The Theme for the night is a mysterious hut With a creepy to illusion active lights of reflection blurred of an eerie mask. Hence, it’s a creature for Demon spiritual faces to make it a ready quote label for the Party night, will mark out to be the Best Halloween night.
I bet this party will be a intriguing later on by spooky glamorous at night” with Cracked game of all time..
Date: 31st Oct at 11pm
Venue: Hallow Town of  Stuffy street
Costume : Creepy Hat with a Long Spooky Coat dual colors — usually red and black & blurry abstract tattoos at the end of party as a complimentary of the night..

Menu card name :
Special Spooky Party Menu…
Blood Soup with Cheese Croutons,
Fried Nail with elbow Cluster.
….. Main courses…..
Twisted leg With crispy Shoulder…
Roasted Pepper teeth with Blood drink…
King Nose Sizzler with Sticky Ears..

Pudding Skin Custard Creme.
Complimentary gift:
At the end you will get a chance to meet the most beautiful Halloween girl of the night for an hour So plan for it to Rome to comb your fairytale inside your arm and enjoy the night..
Hope u have enjoyed my Invitation card.. so plz dare to come & enjoy the scary night to remain till the next time..



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