My Papa, My Hero.


“My papa, my hero”
One word is not enough to describe
The whole meaning of the term
Thank you is a priceless to him
His effort, hard work and courage of doing and making his own life through struggle and battle of ups down is inflaming to infusing the apprehensive journey framed throughout his own life is inspiring.
He is an inspiring man with the hand of motivation on my head, voice of enthusiasm on my ear and emotions of love is shadow in me, he is the one, who is one of my favorite to the best friend in my life because I love him and to him his family is everything..
So My dad is my hero, not because he is with me, nor in every step of life because he have a trust in me that his child will never disappoint him, so he have a given me freedom and nurtured me like a flying bird so I’m a fearless mind without doing anything wrong till I reach for my goals I will make the vision of the a dream..
walking everyday in a new chapter of a life, where everything is important to know, learning will hike your knowledge meter, where else writing will create your junction route towards the dream..
show the way in right vision, that’s what I learned from my dad and small thing to share with you all is today, I’m surviving is because of him, this was the time on my birth when the team of doctors has said that “your child will not survive for a long time hence a short to leave the his life or to live for the word no more””
But then my dad, my hero, He took me from the place and shifted to the different hospital in different places, where I got a new life, so that was a very tough time to lie with such a situation, but my dad handled everything so that’s why he is my god.
at that time his decision was sensible and he was not an impatient in such a situations, he have faith, so the love is seen and faith in god is always a trustworthy.
So I’m alive and To him his children’s are everything, so
My father is my life
My father is my love
My Father is my Shadow…
My Father is my Role model..
My Father is my Inspiration..
My Father is my Idol..
My Father is my best friend…

Definition of father in my life is

“Good as god & best as a friend
Love as nature & heart as my dad


Love your parents, be with them,
respect them and understand them. because they lived their own experiences in the past to save your present to make you strong against problem of your life.
So love them and care as you care yourself.




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