//Day-1/// “Mother”
I should feel to write
to say to the world,
Hear me now to remember
it for the whole life,
The Saying is writing an emotions comes directly from the motion of heart to the most
beautiful character or
creature created for the world
My god, My freedom ,
She is a real fighter to tackle
everything by her own way,
She deserves every happiness, the moments of love to the way of living.
Because she is one, only one who is a bright light for a dark flicker and dark lights to give you the brightest light in her shelter.

Light to the voice
Sparks and vibes only for one name
It’s none other than
“My Mirror of life
Shelter shadow of time”.
Without my mom, my life is
Incomplete forever so
I’m blessed I have
My best Friend,
In an avatar of mother..
With you mom I’m
Nothing like a silence leaf
Who forgot the way of living.
You showed me every time the right way of living in dream to win for the life and to love it for the happiness.

You taught me everything
I understood that in life
If there is a happiness then it’s from the family With Mom.
I love you & Thank-you..
I’m blessed and save in your shelter, I thank to god that in life, You have been the most precious gift to me.
So Thank-you god.
I don’t want anything because
I’m lucky to have you in my life.



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