“2nd October”.


“2nd October”.
” Gandhi Jayanti”.
Three words showed us
a new direction to wind away to the place where you have two choice first is to lie for the reason or speak up the truth because truth never lie,
The Truth is that power who fight alone in the Crowdy world against crowded people’s, one day you never know how the fact come in front of you then you won’t have any choice to hide it. “Lie” saves you sometimes,
but you become “Liar” from the lie so stay in your comfort zone where everything should ingrained by the power of truth not the role of face by real to fake or fake for real.
Some day somewhere there will be a second chance to play the same role when you are in a fault try to face what comes in front of you because situations are very simplest way to tackle else it will be very serious to face or to come out of it.
so be a true (truth) person to yourself,
Face the problem as you face every day in mirror & be a triumph of your own life..
Because “SatyaMevjayeta.



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