Raksha Bandhan…

​Happy Raksha Bandhan to all my WordPress friends, family and My Charming, beautiful sisters.  Raksha Bandhan. 

Raksha Bandhan is a great Indian festival and this festival significants the love bond Relationship between brother and sister.

The word Raksha means protection or to protect thebind between brother’s and sister’s, while Bandhan is tied or knot which sister’s tie on the brother’s hand.

Rakhi is the thread that binds the relationship of joy, love and the unity between two great People’s forever.. Rakhi thread is made ​​of solid door, With love and the sweet pranks while Bandhan is tied or knot which sister’s tie on the brother’s hand.

And brother right to protect the thread,

 unity is the text of the thread, this letter is written for my lovely great charming sisters. Sisters are the best friend forever without them life of the happiness is incomplete and they are my best friends of life,

Every sister and women are the root of the family, they are the best gift that a family has so please respect your sister and love them always.. On this great day and from this platform I just want to thank my sisters, they did for me for everything from caring for the love and for the time and moment that always remains with me.

So Thank-you Sister’s or Didi.. Happy Raksha Bandhan… 👫.. Miss you.. And I wish and pray to have a great beautiful day in the life, Every success and happiness reaches in your life, Smile remains in your face forever and drop of Rains falls of joyful moments in your life, I will be always there with you my sisters as a best friend & Lil brother.. Ha-ha.. :)..keep smiling always.. thank-you… love you.

So once again happy Raksha Bandhan and Celebrate every festival as you celebrate your best day from the heart and live life freely, happily and greatly because life is one and happiness is you. 

-Chirayu 🙂 

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