It reaches to someone’s life
Like a magical power to find the truth to know
the myth of the hidden life..
My mind is a heck of a thought everything what I did had been a just fiction, it came as a sanity scene in mind, but gone as a dignity of frames.
The fluorescent light rays are sitting with me to remember the time of a small chimneys mark to see the path of end where my life will start with a script of love,
The Story of love!..
After traveling three difficult steps you will reach the final destination of love!..
Knowing, crying, proposing, ends a perfect love story!..
I want to know you now,
To sweep you from the feet of your life and to bring it in my heart of the world to make you a queen of it.
I want to cry now,
To see does the Tear’s will answer the true meaning of love or to erase all the memories which was hidden in my soul till the time
I want to die now,
To know after doing does the love is opened from the cage as the inspirational story afar dig over the others.. what is the next one!..
Ensemble of love is to experience it where it sparks so go deep in it & behind if it’s in your country or around the world be a traveler to catch the ride of wanderlust, to find the love to whom you love the most.




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