“Secret of the Day” – (Three mind is rolling on a day it’s Monday)

“Secret of the Day” – (Three mind is rolling on a day it’s Monday)
First Mind is a case of (disposable thoughts)
Thrown away after using it once to filter down by the
Liberty of a life is a prevention of time
Awake freshly at morning is dreadful at the evening
Due to the Exposure of work
It tackled your time as an Obsoleting fashion out of life
Like old paper attached in a new modern book
Frustrating mind when the headache occurred by the work
Just the day started and the syringe of work is given to your body
To work until you save your Money, the first Mind is made to type the day as Monday in the dictionary of a hectic time
Second Mind Praising the life of school students
It’s frightening due to, it’s the first day in the week
Thinking to run the clock faster to complete the whole day in a second, is it possible or does any time machine made to revert the same turn Sunday again and again?.
Thinking can complete your desire, but the reality will never change
School for six days in a week with bundled of home work make a virus in mind to fear from life,
More than a day is a new time to Turn the point of life
One day teacher’s make it by giving punishment and another, the school friends
why you came Monday its better to take your leave to pack a bag and go to school to retain with a sad face!.
Third mind is a classic decent guy
Who value every sea of life
If you are living here than for a reason
So make use of it for a day to shine it Tomorrow
Every Monday it gives me a new motivational force to hike up the level of work, it’s given me a new opportunity to maintain the day to share the whole week to reduce the phantasm from starting a day with a fresh morning mind to keen out the routine according to the time of work.
Monday is a walking agent of a week if takes your weekend than it brings the waves of Work to start according to your mood
Different people, different mind just one thing will be same that’s the day Monday the secret inside the day is questioning to you?. how do you live this day and start a great week ahead, it’s depends on you
Everything is in your hand make your Action in a right way to handle down the situation according to the time
Walk through your day with nature and hard work for the time!..



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