Miss away the thunderstorm yesterday,
which shatter down the life of peace
Quirky vines mark the way
One day going to meet
Does the tears and pain will turn off the violent button
Will the world remains as the passenger is travelling in life?
Will the word peace stands for it
Many questions arise after seeing the terrorism held in Turkey
Was the eye opening time for everyone in the world, what did the people’s who died , why they have been killed, who are at present in the funnel just heartbreaking news make a man or woman or a family an uncomfortable time of living,
This is what the terrorism wants to separate everyone and Make the Creases between the world, but V is We stands one as a pillar than a stronger bulldozer(Terrorism) can not shake us
So we need is to be alert in anyway and help the people’s of the country, we all are one just difference is the thinking of the mind
we do aim to clean it out than the Word Terrorism will be only in the dictionary not in the actions!!
We just need a hand to be as a one for fighting a solitary war against terrorism!..
May Terrorism brings tears in your Eye’s today, but tomorrow we will sweep them out from the world by being all in one, Being someone, for a reason.
Think it today for a better World, Raise your voice against the terrorism and fight for the peace.


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