“Qurabat – nearness, vicinity..

“Qurabat – nearness, vicinity..
Even after all the time
The Nightingale says to the night
Your darkness owes me to look what happens
With a love like that
It’s my voice to shine’s all over the world
Your eyes are an opening chapter of a rhyming word
Radiance finds you everywhere
Just left a place Inside of my heart
Emptiness feels your Qurbat for time
Conflicts to your expression in hive for the mind
You are near somewhere in the throne of grace
Finding you now to grab you for whole the life
I flight away from Lonely and silently mourning
On burning fire soul of mine.
You blooms, glows shines,
And stares silently as the dry leaf for brightest plant…
It smells, weeps and tremble
Before love and the pain departed to find you out
Until the Next time.


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