“Saturday Night”.

Every day my mind takes me to the cruel path
fantasy dies, every second if there is no excitement in life
than a Child of craziness will die as
the music world is tuned into silent mode,
Every Second a mind time just thinking of a weekend to
break out the craziness to take it out in front the
world to Fuse down the spur aloofness of time
by hangout with friends and hangover with life
and to show the Passion of myself
Likewise, Every girl has much desire to achieve
but hesitate to feel the life due to the word “Society”
what does they say is doesn’t matter
Life is mine and I love to play the game of time!.
so this Saturday night a new child will be
out of the comfort zone of daily Routine to
get a free chilling service by being a cool girl
to hang over the night with the party splash and
boozing by two to three shots!.


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