The Parable of the Old Man!.

The Parable of the Old Man (Miracle of Sunset).
On the road to the Grazing Farm
an old man walking towards the home and
Sun is to set and the night is to begun
the eyes of old man faded off as a blind light
no visible rays founded, later the weather
changes into the thunderstorm
the light begun to darkest, mourning
the old man fell down to the ground than
the whispering voice of wind sent onto
the eye of an old man as the grazes travels with wind &
the old men got his eyes to a dim light to walk towards
the home by the footsteps rays of sunset
subbing inside out the mind
the swarm rays of a short light keen towards the home
It was the sunset miracle molded down
the day to begin the night, but waited
for a minute to help the older man
until it travels towards the home!..

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