“Degraded Incident of Life”

“Degraded Incident of Life”1466178200828.jpg (Life is unpredictable “Anything can happen to anyone at any Time)
Removing the dust from a purple scarf was the last souvenir of Mom’s gift to me
It’s a blessing worn for the whole time
Waking every day with this and sleeping by holding it very tight as a child for a Mother,
Paused time running on when Mom gone to the Godly home, but she is still with me in this purple scarf,
Missing everyday is missing the days and night
Everything went like the wave of water Life looks blur at the same time,
Tomorrow life will take a new diversion in the boarding school
Never left alone, but conditions fell down to live away for a new life,
Getting ready for the first day of new life
Flourish wind gust the way of a haunt roar passes away with the pain of catalyst,
The Degraded incident occurred in the library
Three miscreant boys trapped me in the Library
Closed the stopper of the door
And a voice of harsh blew when they snitched my scarf and humiliated to abuse me, my mind was distracted,
I was frightened after the door was closed, but later a voice of taught, listened into my ear it was my mom voice opened by the thought she taught me in childhood than my mind I stood up to storming voice & trembled them into the hell
My Mom taught me to give the action when something wrong occurs to you
Humiliated for once, but then killed the burst by their mind to soar their Action to roast them with a reward,
And at the end they fell on leg to leave them for the life & admitted the mistake in front the school
Punished them for the curious incident & memories nourished everything at the time goes on… So Don’t hide yourself, because life has two ways to live
A blame clause or A brave Stone!..
Keep your head up it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl, the world is made by everyone..
Thank-you -Chirayu!..

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