Enough!.. (Voice of a broken heart)

Enough!.. (Voice of a broken heart)
Thought sinking into my mind
Tempting the weakest strength of time
Never thought I will break down into pieces of love
Memories faded off just a so called life remains, which is silent today
Enough to the tears which blink every time due to conditional love
Enough to the pearls of the eyes, which is getting dark in front of the Shadow on a bright mirror
Enough to the mouth, which is cramping to find someone which closed Today,
Enough to the life, what love made me
How I was yesterday and how I am today
The stranger I met was as lost as
Amidst with many emotions, feelings, death in my heart
Day of life looks so dark in every second, every time
Just trying to forget you, but the heart never mind
It is still calling you, but the phase of our love is ended
With the happiness of love and the pain of lost time
Lying down with the memories of the past,
Damn to that love who opened my eyes of sanity, but left behind sadness!..
This Love is wounded in the leaf of black rose
Love is constructed in black and white paper, I thought it’s reddish world, but it was just a fiction,
love got away, but the word enough left for the whole life…….



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