!! Flower’s in the rain !!.

!! Flower’s in the rain !!.
The essence wants to love, it’s natural beauty
The drop of water (tip) sounds float on the trees
Dripped on Two Blossom trees fighting for
two beautiful fairies which was very quiet
One was a rusted for being alone and another is amber of time
As the voice of roar passes away the path looks silence
Both trembled lays on each other
Sprinkling the Fragrance of Jasmine
Graved into the spots of dignity
Swallowing everyone to touch the beauty of flower to peel to share the beauty of skin
Living a purple life outside, but inner exhausted by a blemish hole
Dew water splice into the day and night bit
When the day rise the dust hides down inside
When the night goes moonless
the shine of their beauty lie’s down all over the world
Questioning the rain to shelter their beauty
Before shattered in pieces threads broken down to land
And the beauty turns the force of the situation
Purple flower feared for their life
The rain can meet their home of beauty, or death of hell.

Flower’s are gifted natural beauty, it’s over responsibility to keep it safe and not break down as they are the beautiful life’s try to plant more and more to show the monsoon season there drop of water is tested by the flower’s in the rain.


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