“Blind Eyes”.

“Blind eyes”
Again the ethics often rhythms
Piercing off the days of incomplete love
Again the memory drifts paddle back
In Metaphors of life
Searching you in mind
My soul started a tune
For the Love is to be back
to quenching the brightest visual in front of me
Is the whole story of life
From the first rose till the last blood on the accident side
Promised you to live the whole life
By taking your hands in my hand
And to walk somewhere where the love will never die
Soaring with you in a different world
Where you & I create a small world for one another
To care the world love Inside the heart,
Today, My heart is broken down into many pieces
Gathering every piece by playing the note of love in
Piano to rhyme you in my life
The Fragrance of your beauty is still alive
In every drop of rain shatter down
With choas of madness
Missing you everyday in the life too
mesmerized with sadness of the time
You are my one and only one for my life
Binds departed you from me which was a
bite survived everyday is a new note which was left behind
In our love story which made me blind today in waiting for you for the whole life…
The Piano is that magical instrument where footsteps are a traveling Wave with the same split of pain some remain as lovable as the drop of rain for dancing couples!..
Life is writing a new story everyday by thinking you for all the day to remember you for a whole life.


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