“Marriage is the cage of life ” (Until the love Dies)

“Marriage is the cage of life ” (Until the love Dies)
The word marriage defines the two beautiful hearts to meet in one love junction to start a new journey to experience the whole philosophy of marriage! one particular soul or joint to make it as one as a marriage some marriage is manageable but some are destructive due the misunderstanding, here the topic is marriage is the cage of life are preservative scene of a Fiction mind to decay the problem and nature of being caged as a Women’s for the marriage life!.
Reading the newspaper with a cup of tea
He was in a good mood until he finds a problem in her daughter’s life as he is getting married soon but when he read
First paragraph of newspaper describes the crime on women marriage life
The Second news relates the same things
On the third it’s decided the mind to decode the problem of Women’s life,
So Mr. Sharma went to the police station as the identity of the reporter to meet the criminal face to know there mind
Monk’s are hidden from view of dirty things
Criminal on the locker room sleeping with a tearing sound
Mr. Sharma knocked the wall and asked him to wake up
The criminal stood up wiping off the tears with a guilt mask on the face
Mr. Sharma asked him why you here and why your mind taken the step up to harm your wife
Criminal replied it’s been my mistake to harm my wife,
I doubted on her on the character and plunked as a wasteful thing she was a wasted time more than a girl she was interested in my money as I thought before the marriage the life looks so amazing, but after that a dry leaf of the brightest plant it was my behavior to treat her as a cage bird, I am happy to be here for all of my punishment which was undergone. Mr. Sharma replied if you know that it was your mistake, then why can’t you admit it and to fill in your wife life a beautiful, happy time, being a criminal you are insulting the word marriage, it’s the most beautiful binds of two people’s where the love is matter, nor the humiliation child, you are very grateful that you have your wife to live with your journey I am the one who loved my wife a lot more than no one in this world not a single tears fells from her eyes just made the happiness on her face & filled with joy in life but, life is a disgrace to me everytime disappointed with a new problem I can fight with whole world by taken the hand of my wife she was the most beautiful woman and princess of my life.
Criminal boy replied than what happened uncle is the aunty is fine as you told she was so beautiful Aunty is not here?.
Mr. Sharma replied with a tearful eyes,
my life ended when she dies suffering from cancer, she haven’t showed any kind of pain on her face on the final day when she was shouting my heart bite started running very slow and my time stopped when her eyes closed for the whole life, today I am living only for my daughter until she get married this life is for her and after that the journey is to rewind again from the first meet till last pose on Titanic ship the memories of love which was spent with aunty is to bring it out to essence the whole life with the marriage, so a child as advice please start a new life along with your wife!..
Criminal person replied after listening your story uncle,
I will leave Everything in the past and I promise to a start new life only for my wife to show her what is love & to experience every moment with grateful of life!.. thank-you uncle for opening my eyes and to close the criminal mind!.. Marriage is the eight important words which needed to be experience step by step once for the life!.
More than a husband be a friend for your wife and bring happiness and smiles always not a tear to fall from her eyes!..



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