!! Painting of my life !!

!! Painting of my life !!
When I saw you first time
I was defeated In your Eyes
The sweet smile twinkle
Gypsum voice of an untold story of mine
Castle hut of painful bricks guarded my time
Surviving with a Hope of light to brighten in the life
My Darkest days is the void cleave of orphan child’s
It is me and my painful life
Gathering all the pieces of the worst memories in
One wooden board to clean out the pain for whole life
The Stranger is a friend of unpredictable time
Need to paint a new beginning with different colors
To fill it once for the time
Miracles create in a one piece in one white paper to taste the life of the painting world,
Where colours are the new friends to
fill with a divine acoustic colourful patch to attend the dust of daily Life,
Painting is a voice for voiceless mind,
Painting is my love for unpredictable time
Walking till the last day when the word Painting meets the whole life
This is me, my painting and connection for the life!..

!! Thank-you !!


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