Life of widow’s!..

“Painting the lives of widow’s ”
Enchanting gulls of charm
Filtered into sadness graves of time
More than a widow’s are nothing than a single life
Crumbling is a daily routine
Firing the lamp of hope
To mesmerize the decent days of life
Surrounded soil is a silent wrinkle
Finding a place to delight the time of sadness
Colours are switched off when the word alone arrived in the lives of widow’s
Time tickling every second for a new day
Is this a widow to live a terrific day for the whole life Or
The Lamp of hope paints down a memory of colourful world
Where colours are made to smile the memories of hope
Given a new shadow to reflect the whole life
Art of living is the time period to survive
Every colour is new hope of life
Painting is my life with a colourful binds,
today to be named as a widow’s but life is painted of colourful day and night!..
Quilled my life with a sketching texture
Build up a divine paper cut from one half
Paste half on Widow’s time
texture the pain with different patterns
Now Paint the texture with different water colours
To hide the pain & shine out a new widow to live a enlighten painting life !….

Thank-you  !



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