Writer’s block..✏✒..

Writer’s block..✏✒..Love got away….
Mind Knocked, Hand stopped
Maybe I can’t write anything new today,
something as the beauty as I thought yesterday
I lost myself when I forgot to write you
Irritations calm an kingdom of quote in mind
Mind is a slice of thoughts
Thoughts is a instinct of life
Life is Quest of Love
Love is the story of night
Night is the future of Time
Time is When I saw you yesterday
I lost myself Where did I go without seeing you
Days were wasted due to you
how to just imagine you and than a Letter
when I awaken, I saw on desk of block
The love show to you was endlessly
maimed in the parts, she can’t even see yet,
The wind is like a glass, mornings feel like fire,
these distances spear me to writing you again for the Next time from the Empty Mind to a diffuse Time!!…….



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