!! Orphanage !!..

!! Orphanage !!..
Stepping out from the cave to walk the first step of life
Tearing with a pain for being alone in a Kindle lite
Sitting in a place with a toy in the hand
Thinking of that day why I bother to this Life as a knocking Narrow mind of the unknown world
Where I live a short life of a pretending time
Birth was given by someone, but left alone to face the crowdy World
Was this made my life an orphan since the age
Still, there are many questions inhaled with a conspiracy
Living alone is a like a heavy rain everywhere just a small drainage is dried from the born age,
Likewise, Today may the orphanage is a home of mine, but life is incomplete without you my family,
I miss you
I miss you
Dad……………. until I meet you once!..
Please don’t leave me alone in small little age !…

(P.S. Orphanage is not a word it is a life to live with many different phases, Don’t leave them alone!!. They are your precious pieces of life!…)

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