!! Rape !!..

!! Rape”. ( the last page of humanity)…
Hello to everyone, who are reading this post I have a genuine request to everyone is please Respect each & every woman’s of the world, there are the flying birds please don’t catch them in a cage of religion mark or don’t tie them in your negative mind, please think Always good for them keep your intention good while talking to a Girl, mother or someone to whom you respect & love a lot because writing this post is a tearful waves of sound hears in mind by a painful expression and I am really very emotional and angry while seeing such a disgusting things daily in our country!.. what happened to the country, why human mind becomes an evil one, why the Beautiful flower is suffering from acid attack why?, the word will remains why? Because the answer is always with us, but we never take an action because who are they right, they (Victims) are the Peace of our world & brightest star of our life.
Thinking is the answer of being, what you are?, it scares you to help someone who have been suffered terribly or a victim so please be a “We” of life We” if we can stand for freedom
If We can stand for the rights
Than We can stand to stop the criminal minds
We can stand to stop Crime or violence on women’s and keep all the women’s and girls safe in this world..
Every woman is Our sister, mother & more than the land you are standing is because of them so please never hurt them by the action and by criminal Mind, be a helpful person without any bad intention behind & more than that be a good Friend this what life is all called about,
A Small letter from a daughter to her mother.
Hello, Maa
This is your daughter
Never expressed my inner exception stack trace of
A harsh life is as the paper being punished for an abused ink
You have taught me everything in life
But why you haven’t taught me to fight against the rapist minds
I am in a depth water, surviving till the last Breath
With no flying wings to find my dream world again
I have lost somewhere in a disgusting, inhuman world,
I can’t walk through the dreams of Eyes
I am scared to raise my voice in the world
I am trapped in an exhaust humanity world & treated as an brutal coral every day, Every second
My dreams have been fired today and my skin is burning Maa,
They have peeled off my life
As a page of the book being Scribbled by torturing mode
Smelling a Graveless mind sprinkle lied
What is the problem Maa, because I am a girl that’s a problem My friend is being raped yesterday what was her mistake as she is wearing a short clothes, she Being molested & she still fights for the life what happened me to this world why they are doing this?.. I am dieing every second I please catch my hand again Maa
Lift me for the live show me the beauty of the life I have my own dreamworld to live please Maa come soon!.. Waiting for you till my eyes clause for a harmed mind corrupted a Devil Masked !..
(PS. The letter is written for a Maa, but take that word Maa as by you or imagine it as you, think it once to help ever not to hurt never!.. how the victims suffered with such a situation think to blink your starter of mind today there is a chance, nor will be a second chance to prove that you are the human of life!..)..
– Chirayu!..

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