!! Space!!..

!! Space !!…
Space between two souls
Is a one trailing heart,
Rhyming down the line
Shimmering light of love
pouching out my heart
in a flame of different colors,
Finding a place where hides the flushing waves
Travels in the path of hopeful world
Never hide the yawning time
Pride of fragrant light
To decor the space left behind in a
one heart of a two Faulted soul!..
The Spaces between us will indifference the path which we made for each other to build a life will be incomplete remains as a fault of a star, Space is that word which can take you far away in your Weaving home or will dig in the mud of a lost time…
Space is not a word, it is that world which can take you far behind in the time which spaced out from the mind!..
In World if there is a space between two lives is as same as the space between the two countries, it is a space of a thrusting love & faithful peace for each other..
Artificial life survives the space with an acoustic nature:
“Caved house of mannequins
Trembling down in the space of an unpredictable time”.



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