Roaring a traveling wave in the mind
Thrash away from a terribly torches time,
Addicted with the folly crime word to get
The First attempt by hanging knot of rope in the fan
Or the second attempt from the terrace to jump down
If these attempts get failed I will get a new life
But I don’t want to live this life
The burden of lord survives in me
In morning sour till the Evening veins
I am suffered as a dusk of a Dawn time
Why because, I am good as in the word true
Dignity mild my nature down towards
The Havering habits like a creepy gloom of a mad slice.
Chronicles of love and lust fluid
the Dynamic source to live a beneath Life,
Endeavors plays with my feelings
Trident causes my mind with a deep pain
Thoughts revolves in mind to quite this life
To bring out the world of heaven!..”Suicide”…
“Suicide is to die for the ones or to learn from that once”..


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